Uniforms of the Spanish American War

American Uniforms/Uniform Parts

Army Uniforms

Rough Riders (1st U.S. Volunteer Cavalry)

1st South Dakota Volunteer Infantry Uniform

6th U.S. Cavalry Tunic ||| 49th Iowa Volunteer Infantry Uniform

Corps Badges ||| Dog Tags ||| Hat Insignia

1884 Mills Belt ||| 1883 Three-button Pull-over Shirt ||| 1885 Trousers

Model 1885 Enlisted Infantrymans' Full Dress Coat ||| 1879 Officers Full Dress Frock Coat

Model 1898 Officers' Eagles ||| 1895 Officers' Undress Hat ||| 1898 Khaki Uniform

Junior Officers' Sword Belt ||| Model 1881 Dress Helmet


Richard Harding Davis' Comments on Army Uniform Quality

Personal Effects and Uniform of the 1st Nebraska Volunteer Infantry

Navy Uniforms

Navy Officer's Dress Epaulets ||| Navy Cap Ribbons

Navy Ensign's Dress Coat ||| Navy Lanyard

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