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The Spanish American War was a conflict between the United States and Spain. The conflict, also known as the "Spanish War" and the "War with Spain," occurred between April 22 and December 10, 1898. The war concluded with the signing of the Treaty of Paris on December 10, 1898.

Section 1:  The first section of this website below provides timeline of the war, basic information on the war such as a summary of the Spanish American War, the declarations of war, information on where the war was fought, the causes of the Spanish American War, why the war was fought, Weyler's Reconcentration order, major battles, the effects of the war,  the Battleship MAINE, and the Treaty of Paris. In addition, there is general information on the average Spanish American War soldier,  and the last surviving veterans of the war. This section also includes biographies of the people involved such as Theodore Roosevelt, William Shafter, Admiral Dewey Admiral Cervera, etc., Lastly, this sections includes specific information on the war in Cuba, the Philippines, Puerto Rico, etc.

 Spanish American War Chronology

Some Basic Information

War in Cuba ||| War in the Philippines

War in Puerto Rico

The War in Hawaii and Guam

 The Home Front


Section 2: The second section of this website includes information on the Spanish and American Navies of 1898, with ship histories, technical data, and crew rosters. Also included is histories and technical data on the weapons used such as the Spanish Mauser, the Krag rifle and the .45-.70 "trapdoor" rifle, Lee Rifle, the Dudley Sims Dynamite Gun, the Whitehead torpedo, etc. Also included are histories of the regiments that fought in the war such as the "Rough Riders," 20th Kansas Volunteer Infantry, etc. We have included information on Spanish and American army and navy uniforms, flags, medals, and dog tags. Additionally, we include specific information on African Americans and Native Americans who served in the campaign. Lastly, we include data on prisoners of war.

 Action Reports and First Hand Accounts

The US Navy ||| The Spanish Navy

Virtual Tour of the USFS OLYMPIA

Weapons Profiles

 Regimental Histories

Medals ||| Uniforms

African Americans in the War

Native Americans in the War

Prisoners of War

Section 3: The third section of the website includes data of use to family members and genealogists looking for data on individuals who served in the War with Spain. This section includes rosters / muster rolls of the various regiments and naval vessels who took part in the war.  Also included under "Researching a Spanish American War Veteran" we include articles on how to research a specific veteran, links to useful data, information on how to read a gravestone correctly, a glossary of abbreviations found on gravestones, and information on how the Spanish American War and the Philippine American War are related.

Rosters of Regiments and Ships

Researching a Spanish American Veteran

National Spanish American War Veterans' Gravesite Recording Project

Section 4: The fourth section of the website includes information on important aspects of the conflict, such as the American newspapers, their reporters such as Stephen Crane, and Richard Harding Davis, etc. We address "Yellow Journalism" and the competition between Pulitzer and Hearst. This section also includes information on the practice of medicine during the war, as well as the music from the war period, its brass bands and people like John Philip Sousa. Lastly, this section also addresses how the troops and navy crews were fed, even including some recipes!

Medicine in the War

Journalism and the War

Feeding the Troops ||| Music of the War

Section 5: The fifth and last section of the website addresses how the War with Spain is remembered today, through Living History and re-enactment groups, events and exhibits, and places to visits such as museums and even shipwrecks. We also include worksheets that can be used by teachers in their classes to teach about the conflict.

Events, Exhibits ||| Re-enactment/Living History Groups

Miscellaneous ||| Places to Visit! ||| Shipwrecks

Educators' Information

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