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Rough Rider Uniform

 by Patrick McSherry

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Below is are some views of the uniform that belonged to Lyman E. Whited (sometimes listed as "White"), a private in Troop G of the "Rough Riders," (1st U.S. Volunteer Cavalry). He joined the Rough Riders on June 27 at Sante Fe, New Mexico. Whited was born in 1874 in Osage City, Kansas. By the time of his enlistment at age 24, he lived in Raton, New Mexico at San Marcial. Whited stood 5'7" and weighed 142lbs. He had a fair complexion with blue eyes and brown hair and worked as a locomotive fireman before joining the Rough Riders. A letter from Miguel A Otero, the New Mexico Territorial Governor was written on his behalf requesting that he be enrolled in Captain Llewellyn's command along with the Raton men.

This particular uniform may or may not have seen service in Cuba. Many members of the unit apparently procured new uniforms at Camp Wikoff (Montauk Point, New York) before disbandment, and others outfitted themselves for reunions. Which of these categories this uniform falls under is not clear.

The uniform is a private's uniform since it bears no signs of having had rank insignia attached to the collar or shoulders.  It is early issue and has the additional unofficial branch service facing color on the pocket flaps, plus the original cotton drill belt supplied with the blouse.

Rough Rider Tunic, front view Rough Rider tunic - rear view

Rough Rider Trousers

Rough Rider Trousers, Inside Rough Rider Trouses, Detail View

Details of the trousers

The hat with crossed sabres insignia and numeral 1 attached above, typical for volunteers.

Rough Rider Hat

The leggings are cavalry, as indicated by the correct number of hooks and grommets. However, Rough Riders enlisted men wore only the stable dress dyed light brown during their Cuba service, unlike this one.

Rough Rider Leggings


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