Roster of  Troop A, New York Volunteer Cavalry
Contributed by John LaBarre

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Troop A of the New York Volunteer Cavalry served in Puerto Rico during the Spanish American War

The Roster:


Badgley, Howard G. – Capt.
Croudert, Frederick R., Jr., - 1st Lt.
Frelinghuysen, Joseph S. - 2nd Lt.


Moen, Augustus R. - 1st Sgt.
Bowne, Francis D. - Quartermaster Sgt.
Cammann, William C.
Phelps, Stowe
Emmet, Robert
Ward, Edward M.
Ward, Henry M.
Cromwell, Seymour LeG.


Erving, John L.
Huntington, Francis C.
Wallace, William J.
Riker, Henry I.
Wright, William R.
Leigh, Benjamin W.
Iselin, John H.
Ruland, Irving
Brown, Arthur F. - Cook


Braithwaite, Albert E., Trumpeter
Kerner [Kerhner], Howard S., Trumpeter


Muller, Charles W.
Bird, Frank W.


Becker, Frederick W.


Glynn, James


Adee, George T.
Barclay, Robert C.
Barry, Robert P. Jr.
Batcheller, Henry
Bayne, Ross C.
Beales, James A.G.
Benkard, James G.
Blake, Arthur M.
Bradley, Stephen R. Jr.
Brown, Howard K.
Bruce, John M.
Carusi, Charles F.
Cannon, Henry B.
Chapman, John Davol
Childs, Herbert H.
Clark, James G.
Conner, Lewis A.
Conrow, Robert W.
Cox, Edward V.
Coyne, George W.
Crombie, William M.
Crowell, William Beers
Drake, William Wilson
Dyer, Lyman T.
Emmet, Thomas A. Jr.
Fisher, Henry J.
Fuller, Charles
Gillespie, Louis P.
Goadby, Arthur M.
Grannis, John Hancock Douglas
Hall, Sherman R.
Heaton, William Wilson
Henry, Horace L.
Hill, John S.
Hoeninghaus, Fritz W.
Holt Henry E.
Horner, Leonard S.
Kearny, Philip
Kerner, Charles H. Jr.
Killips, Herbert
Knudsen, Arthur Sinclair
Lannon, John David
Ledyard, George S.
Lee, Franklin L.
Line, Arthur Maxwell
Littell, Emlen T.
Little, George J.
Lockett, Arthur H.
Loveland, John W.
Manning, Richard F.
McGusty, Robert T.
McKinlay, James Buell
Mills, Robert Doremus
Munroe, Vernon
Nichols, James O.
Outerbridge, Frank
Perry, Henry Ward
Pierce, Reginald Kingsbury
Pierson, Thomas Haines
Quimby, Samuel L.
Redington, George O.
Satterlee, Henry S. [appointed Lance Cpl.]
Slidell, Thomas
Stevens, Francis K.
Stillman, Leland Stanford
Terry, James T.
Thomson, Ernest A.
Troescher [Twescher], Robert F.
Valentine, Langdon B.
Van Vleck, Edgar W.
Vieller, Frank D.
Wallace, Gustavus Swan
Webb, Karl
Wharton, Richard

Discharged for disability:

Cushman, Victor N., Private

Discharged by order:

Pellew, Charles E., Sergeant, to U.S.V. Signal Corps as 1st Lt
McKee, McKee D., Private, to U.S.V. Signal Corps as 2nd Lt.
Polk, Frank L., Capt. and Assistant Quartermaster, U.S.V.
Patterson, Edward L., Sergeant, to 201st New York Volunteer Infantry, as 1st Lt.
Holter, Edwin O., Private, to USV signal Corps as 2nd Lt.
Harrison, Francis Burton, Capt and A.A.G., U.S.V.
Robbins, Allan A., to 1st U.S. Engineers, as 1st Lt.
Whitehead, William S. Jr., to 3rd U.S.V. Engineers, as 2nd Lt.
Lawrence, Townsend, to 2nd U.S.V Engineers, as 1st Lt.
Wardman, Ervin, to 202nd New York Volunteer Infantry as 1st Lt.
Williams, William, Major and Asst. Commissary U.S.V.
Darrach, James M. A., to 11th U.S. Infantry, as 2nd Lt.
Hoyt, Edwin C. Corporal, to 11th U.S. Infantry as 2nd Lt.
Maclay, Alfred B., Sergeant, to 5th U.S. Infantry, as 2nd Lt.
Hickox, Chrales R. Jr., Private, to 2nd U.S. Infantry, as 2nd Lt.
Hoppin, Gerard B., Corporal, to 5th U.S. Infantry, as 2nd Lt.
Haight, Charles S., to 4th US Artillery, as 2nd Lt.
Flower, Nathan M., Private, Capt. and Assistant Quartermaster, U.S.V.
Pinchot, Amos R.E.
Benjamin, William Massena


Price, Walter W., Private, to 1st U.S.V. Cavalry
Hutchinson, Charles A., to 1st U.S.V. Cavalry
Barclay, Harold, to Hospital Corps, U.S.A.


Hildreth, Philip R.M., Private, accidentally shot and killed, October 27, 1898, while on furlough at his home in New York City


The History of  Troop "A" New York Cavalry U.S.V. from May 2 to November 28, 1898 in the Spanish American War.  (Published by the Troop, printed by R.H. Russell, New York, 1899)

New York in the Spanish American War" Vol. 1 [items in brackets]

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