The Roster of the 1st U.S. Volunteer Engineers

Contributed by Betty Erdner

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The following is the partial roster of First U.S. Volunteer Engineers. The information comes from a document marked "Special Field Return of the First Regiment U.S. Volunteer Engineers, Camp near Ponce, Porto Rico for August 25th, 1898" (unless otherwise noted below). The information is taken exactly as it was indicated on the document. It is only a guess, but it appears to be only a list of officers.

The Rosters:

Griffen, Eugene Colonel
Sewill (?), J. S. Major
Ferguson, J. D. Major
Shaler, Ira A. Capt./Acting Major

Ramsay, W. G. Capt.
Ellicott, Eugene Capt.
Raymond, A. D. Capt.
Breese (?), C. P. Capt.
Kahler, C. P. Capt.
Ames, A., Jr., - Capt
Livingston, A. R. Capt.
Sawtelli, E. M., - Capt.

Sullivan, F. R. 1st Lt., Quartermaster
Hough, David L . 1st Lt.
Wilson, H. C.  1st Lt.
Niele, M. A. 1st Lt.
Dow, Alexander 1st Lt.
Robbins, A. A. 1st Lt.
Cluett (?) S. L. 1st Lt.
Slater, F. R. 1st Lt.
Molinard, W. R. 1st lt.
Hewes, J. E. 1st Lt.
Haskin, J. R. 1st Lt.
Perrine, George 1st Lt.
Webb, Walter  - 1st Lt.
Proben, Charles J.
Bishop, H. R.
Beach, Rodmond V.
Gillispie, Lawrence L.

Walter H. P.
Abbott, Walter
Morgan, J. G.
Hopkins, William
Corbin, M. M.
De Lano H. C.
Owen, P. R.
Mitchell, W. G.
Kimball, W. C.
Woodman, H. H.
Taylor Edward M.

Additional names from other sources (see below):

Bell, Walter, Sgt., Co. H
Daly, Michael H., Pvt. 2nd Cl., Co. F
Foley, Cornelius, Pvt.
Fransen, William, Pvt., Co. D
Gracie, J, Co. B
Haynes, Edward, Co. H
Leach, Edward,, Pvt., Co. G
McGann, Andrew, Pvt., Co. E
McPherson, William J. , Pvt., Co. A
McWilliams, John T., 2nd Class Pvt.
Roche, Thomas Paul, Cpl., Co. D
Vernum, Emmett C., Pvt., 1st Class


Erdner, Betty - provided original document to the website

Florida Veterans Burials - Vernum, Emmett

Maine Veterans Burials - Haynes, Edward

Maryland Veterans Burials - Bell, Walter; Leach, Edward; McGann, Andrew; McWilliams, John

New Jersey Burials - Foley, Cornelius

New York Veterans Burials - Daly, Michael; Fransen, William; Gracie, J.; McPherson, William

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