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The Diary of Private Cyrus Farver

of the 8th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

Contributed by Cyrus Farver (Grandson of Private Cyrus Farver)
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This following is the diary of  Private Cyrus Farver of the 8th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, Company H.

According to family stories, farver was 6 feet tall, and weighed about 190 lbs. at the time he was mustered into the federal service.  He contracted yellow fever while in Cuba, losing a lot of weight both while in Cuba and on transport ship back to the United States. He told his father that he could not carry his weapon off the dock.  He dropped his weapon and his pack on the dock and took the train home. In fact, he would have to spend some time at Camp Wikoff on Long Island while he was quarantined] When he arrived home, his Mother did not recognize him when he came to the door because of the ravages of yellow fever.

Farver suffered from yellow fever for the rest of his days.  The doctors prescribed liver and liver extract daily to reduce the symptoms.  He served on the railroads as a crane engineer on the Chesapeake and Ohio railroad.  When not working on bridge construction with the heavy crane, he was called out to work on wrecks.

The only time he left Ohio was to travel with his son to Tucson, Arizona in 1922 when his son enrolled in the University of Arizona.

Later in life, he was confined to a wheel chair passing away in 1938.

The Diary:

"Musket  But Plate 39, No. of Breech Block 429758"

"Mustered in the Ohio National Guard Apr.22, 98
Called out apr.25, 98
Shreve  26, Wooster 26
Arrived in Akron 26, Left Akron 28
Arrived Columbus Apr. 28
Examined for the U.S.Service May 10
Mustered into the U.S.Army May 13-98
Left Columbus, may 18 over T.S.O.C
Arrived at "Devon Loving [Dunn Loring - editor], Va. May 19.
Received pup tents June 17-98
Left Camp Alger July 5
Left New York City July 6 on board St Paul
Sighted San Salvador July 9
arrived and landed Siboney Cuba July 10
Santiago surrendered July 14
Left Cuba Aug. 18 on ship Mohawk
Arrived at Montauk Point Aug 24, landed 25
Received furlough Aug 29
Arrived Millersburg Aug 30"

[Farver lists his squad as follows:]

"Bob Hamma
Harve Douglas
Howard Douglas
Harve Lantenshlogy
Mart Dix
George Stuber
Else Allsmeroth
Joe Duer"

[In the back of the small memo book, Farver wrote:]

"In case any serious thing happens to me C. W. Farver, please notify J. V. Farver, Millersburg, Ohio, P.O.Box 325  (Holmes Co)

C. W. Farver, Co H. 8 Regt. O.N.G. Columbus, O" 


Family of Cyrus Farver

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