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Sherman Wyre

of the 8th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, Co. H.

Writes Home

Contributed by Steven Wyre; Transcribed by Jack L. McSherry, Jr.
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The following letters were written by Sherman Wyre, who served in Company H of the 8th Ohio Volunteer Infantry. Apparently a relative, Orphanas Wyre, served in the came company, which was formed in Shreve, Ohio.

Letter 1:

"Camp Alger, Va.,  5-29-98

Father & Mother

I will in this letter send to you my picture it is not very extra but it gives you the idea of my health.  As far as my health is concerned we are all in first class condition.  We are all having as much fun as any of them.  I am just as busy as a bee at my barber work.  I hardly get time to write.  Some one has been reporting that the boys are getting homesick others say some are sick half of there time and again some one gets a letter stating something else wrong with the boys.  If those people who make up those lies would step to the front and quit watching for something to scare people with it would be more praise for them.  Our boys in this tent are in good condition and are all feeling very well, and when you hear of them being sick don’t you believe it – until you know that some one from this tent had written it for some people like to start rumors.  I will close hoping to hear from you soon.

Good bye,
Washington, D. C."

Letter 2:

"Montauk Point, L. I. [Camp Wikoff]

August 26, 98

Dear Parents,
I Suppose you knew of our leaving Cuba and also by this time have heard of our arrival at L. I.  [Long Island]. We had a long and tiresome trip we went aboard the “Mohawk” on Wed.  we steamed out of the harbor on Thurs. eve.  I saw the Merrimack as she lays sunk beneath the waves just inside the harbor- we passed within about one hundred feet of it all you can see of her is the tip of her masts and stack.  Just at the rear end of her lay one of the Spaniards cap pistols punched full of holes left to soak.  But the most interesting sight of all is the large holes that were punched in old Morro.  There are just a few of them the size of a barrel.  We had a verry smooth sea the whole way.  We ran into Long Island sound just one week from the time we boarded the vessel making it Wed. Aug. the 23rd we were kept on the vessel until today at noon. When they unloaded us at the docks.  Just at the end of the platform where we stepped on the beach there were several ladies which gave to each of us ˝ cup of milk and two pieces of bread spread with butter with a piece of meat between.  This was quite a change of grub to what we received in Cuba.  We are situated in a fine camp we have large tents and I think that we can restore some of our lost flesh.  Will Seeper just came into the tent and said the milk was here for supper.  If they just give me good bread and milk I will come home in good shape.  When we come I want mother to have a bowl of bread and milk ready.  Fred says he can see a photograph of himself the first time he gets a good meal at the Brook.  He said you should tell Geo. Sellers that the first night we were in town the white front would have to suffer.   I hope that time is not many days off.  The weather is considerable colder here than what we have been used to for the past five weeks.  The wind blows constantly from the coast and is rather chilly.  The boys are all in good spirits at present our having such a nice place to camp and having a chance to get home soon.  As this leaves us in reasonably good health I hope it will find you likewise.  Hoping to hear from you soon, I will say good bye.

Wyre Son

I just heard the Capt. Say that several of our boys that are sick are going home today."

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