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Cruiser OLYMPIA's Torpedo Room Crew

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This image shows the cew of the Cruiser OLYMPIA working to maintain its Whitehead torpedoes. The OLYMPIA had six torpedo tubes: one in the bow, one in the stern, and two on either side of the ship. The torpedo was a weapon that was good in concept, but relatively useless in practice, in spite of the fear and resulting rapid ship redesign it caused. The torpedo mount on the OLYMPIA, and similar vessels could not swivel or be similarly aimed. The range was less than a thousand yards. Basically, the torpedomen had to wait for something to cross their path at very close range. Of course, if any vessel got within one thousand yards, all of the main and secondary battery would be directed at it, and it probably would be destroyed before a torpedo could be launched. In the the refit of the OLYMPIA, beginning in 1899, the torpedo tubes were removed.

Olympia's Torpedomen at work


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