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A Partial Roster of the crew

of the U.S.S. ALVARADO

During the Spanish American War

Contributed by Douglas Davis

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The following is a partial roster of the patrol boat U.S.S. ALVARADO

The Roster:

Officers (partial roster):

BLUE, Victor, Lieutenant (Commanding)

Enlisted Men:

CAMPBELL, Thomas E., Fireman First Class
CHRISTOPHERSEN, August V., Boatswain’s Mate Second Class
CONLEY, James, Seaman
DEVINE, James, Oiler
DUTOT, Cicero, Fireman Second Class
FISK, Ion C., Quartermaster Third Class
GAUDE, Adolf W., Ordinary Seaman
GRAY, William C., Chief Machinist
GREENE, Alexander W., Apprentice Second Class
HANOLD, Joseph J., Shipwright
HOLLADAY, Albert, Ship’s Cook Third Class
HURRELL, James W., Apprentice Second Class
KRUGER, Harry, Ordinary Seaman
LAWRIE, Walter C., Machinist Second Class
MATSUSHIMA, Kinsaku, Wardroom Steward
McNAMARA, George J., Apprentice Second Class
McLEAN, William T., Machinist Second Class
MURPHY, George A., Seaman
OLMSTED, Charles J., Seaman
PHELAN, Robert, Fireman First Class
ROFF, William A., Seaman
SAUNDERS, James, Boatswain’s Mate First Class
SMITH, August, Gunner’s Mate Second Class
STEPHENS, Steven, Seaman
WAUTERS, Leopold, Seaman



Weaver, Barry,  Col Albert F. Gleim and Danny J. Farak, The West Indies Naval Campaign Medal of 1898 - The Sampson Medal, the Ships and Men. (Arlington, VA: Planchet Press, 1986).

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