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A Partial Roster of the crew

of the Auxiliary Cruiser YALE

During the Spanish American War

The Auxiliary Cruiser YALE, 1898

Auxiliary Cruiser YALE

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The following is a partial roster of the Auxiliary Cruiser YALE, formerly the oceanliner, CITY OF PARIS. The names, unless otherwise noted, are men who were crewmen aboard the oceanliner before she was pressed into service as an auxiliary cruiser and who decided to stay aboard as crewmen during her wartime service. They were mustered in as naval personnel.

Following names are the known naval ranks given these personnel, and their original rank in civilian service aboard the ship in the following format: Civilian Rank/Naval Rank.

The Roster:

Wise, W. C., Capt, U.S.N. (Actual Naval Captain, placed in overall command of the ship)

Watkins, Frederick - Capt./Commander
Rogers, Charles J. - Chief Officer/Lt.
Porter, William B. – Senior 2nd Officer/Lt. J.G.
Rogers, J. T. – Junior 2nd Officer/Lt. J.G.
Irvine, E. T. – Extra 2nd Officer/Lt. J.G.
McDonall – Third Officer/Ensign
Gavoni, F. – Boatswain/Chief Boatswain’s Mate
Rathbone, J. A. – Carpenter/Chief Carpenter’s mate
Barnes, Albert – Barkeeper/Chief Yeoman
Muse, J. – Quartermaster/ Quartermaster, First Class
Williams, J. – Quartermaster/ Quartermaster, First Class
Monoghan, J. – Quartermaster/ Quartermaster, First Class
Murphy, W. H. – Quartermaster/ Quartermaster, First Class
Wade, L. F. – Saloon Steward/Yeoman, First Class
Curtin, William - Boatswain’s Mate/ Boatswain’s Mate, First Class
Healey, J. M. – Quartermaster/Quartermaster, Second Class
Morey, A. W. – Quartermaster/Quartermaster, Second Class
Johnson, J. – Carpenter’s Mate/Carpenter’s Mate, Second Class
Campbell, H. D – Cadet/Yeoman, First Class
Murray, W. J. – Quartermaster/ Quartermaster, Third Class
Bennett, F. A. – Cadet/Seaman
Muidan, Jas. – Lookoutman/Seaman
Creamer, James – Master-at-Arms/Seaman
Hennessey, F.– Lookoutman/Seaman
Anderson, David – Seaman/Seaman
Noonan, H. S. - Seaman/Seaman
Cahey, Thomas - Seaman/Seaman
Bailey, S. E. - Seaman/Seaman
Tvedt, H. - Seaman/Seaman
Berg, A. - Seaman/Seaman
DeVries, T. - Seaman/Seaman
McDonald, J. - Seaman/Seaman
Brickley, Thomas - Seaman/Seaman
O’Donnell, D. - Seaman/Seaman
Brown, Douglas - Seaman/Seaman
Reilly, Michael – Saloon Steward/Landsman
Headland, Robert – Pantry Steward/Landsman
Worthington, David – Boots/Landsman
Fox, John – Chief Steerage Steward/Landsman
Maine, Charles – 2nd Steerage Steward/Landsman
Simmons, William – Sculleryman/Landsman
Carlton, James – Steerage Cook/Landsman
Danson, John – Steerage Cook/Landsman
Edwards, Henry – Butcher/Landsman
Hatton, Walter – Butcher/Landsman
Baine. William – Baler/Landsman
Bray, John – Baker/Landsman
Crocker, David – Baker/Landsman
Thompson, Chas. – Officer’s Steward/Landsman
Keats, Alfred – Officer’s Steward/Landsman
Martin, Frank – Captain’s Servant/Landsman
Graf, Dr. A. F. –Surgeon/Assistant Surgeon
Barritt, W. G. – Purser/Passed Assistant Paymaster
Simpson, C. L. – Purser’s Clerk/Pay Clerk

Engine Department

Philip, John – Chief Engineer/Chief Engineer
McColl, Gavin – Senior 1st Assistant/Passed Assistant Engineer
Millen, William – Junior 1st Assistant/Assistant Engineer
Campbell, Colin – Senior 2nd Assistant/Warrant Machinist
Aldcroft, James F. – Junior 2nd Assistant/ Warrant Machinist
Haverfield, H. D. - Junior 2nd Assistant/ Warrant Machinist
Murray, Joseph P. - Junior 2nd Assistant/ Warrant Machinist
Thompson, Alex. – Senior 3rd Assistant/Warrant Machinist
Nelis, Joseph P. – Junior 3rd Assistant/Warrant Machinist
Santiago, R. - Junior 3rd Assistant/Warrant Machinist
McLaren, Robert B. – Junior 1st Assistant/Chief Machinist
Jobbins, C. – 4th Engineer/Chief Machinist
Biedert, F. - 4th Engineer/Chief Machinist
Anderson, William- 4th Engineer/Chief Machinist
Wilkie, J. – Electrician/Chief Machinist
Paterson, A. – Assistant Electrician/Chief Machinist
Revie, Jas. F. – Refrigerator Engineer/Machinist, First Class
Chapman, Gavin – Storekeeper/Machinist, Fist Class
Dillon, A. – Assistant Storekeeper/Machinist, Second Class
Gourville, W. – Cadet/Machinist, Second Class
Carroll, W. J. – Cadet/Machinist, Second Class
Sutton, William – Oiler/Machinist, Second Class
Cesar, A. – Cadet/Oiler
Duncan, W. – Cadet/Oiler
Demarest, F. E. – Cadet/Oiler
Martin, W. K. – Cadet/Oiler
Whyte, P. – Oiler/Oiler
Manifold, J. - Oiler/Oiler
Connelly, J - Oiler/Oiler
Saulter, J - Oiler/Oiler
Kenny, J. - Oiler/Oiler
McKeon, P. - Oiler/Oiler
Wilkie, G. - Oiler/Oiler
Kelly, John - Oiler/Oiler
Coombes, Alfred – Engineer’s Steward/Oiler
Young, R. – Oiler/Coppersmith
Pflug, H. – Fireman/Fireman First Class
Getting, J. – Fireman/Fireman First Class
Eikler, T. – Fireman/Fireman First Class
Thurston, V. – Fireman/Fireman First Class
Eickler, E. – Fireman/Fireman First Class
Korh, J. – Fireman/Fireman First Class
Windrosky, L. – Fireman/Fireman First Class
Wisterhagen, R. – Fireman/Fireman First Class
Brockmeyer, W. – Fireman/Fireman First Class
Siebert, H. – Fireman/Fireman First Class
Hune, A. – Fireman/Fireman First Class
Richter, R. – Fireman/Fireman First Class
Sanders, C. – Fireman/Fireman First Class
Schreck, H. – Fireman/Fireman First Class
Germann, E. – Fireman/Fireman First Class
Lorenz, A. – Fireman/Fireman Second Class
Staheit, R.– Fireman/Fireman Second Class
Mullor, C. – Fireman/Fireman Second Class
Meyer, H. – Trimmer/Fireman Second Class
Costello, J. – Trimmer/Fireman, Second Class
Howard, William – Engineer’s Steward/Fireman, Second Class
Danson, Alex. – Engineer’s Steward/Fireman, Second Class
Polschiet, G. – Coal Passer/Coal Passer
Boland, M. – Coal Passer/Coal Passer
Schlertland, O. – Coal Passer/Coal Passer
Ackerman, E. – Coal Passer/Coal Passer
Schu, A. – Coal Passer/Coal Passer
Malone, Fred. – Chief Engineer’s Boy/ Coal Passer
Samon, J. – Coal Passer/Coal Passer
Lewis, S. E. – Coal Passer/Coal Passer
Wilson, H. – Coal Passer/Coal Passer
Dowling, Chas. – Coal Passer/Coal Passer
Hurley, J. – Coal Passer/Coal Passer
Schioomann, F. – Coal Passer/Coal Passer
Suresk, T. – Coal Passer/Coal Passer
McGinniss, B. – Coal Passer/Coal Passer
Heptling, A. – Coal Passer/Coal Passer
Engel, D. – Coal Passer/Coal Passer
Speodtlings, G. – Coal Passer/Coal Passer
Sprays, D. – Coal Passer/Coal Passer

Steward Department

Harris, Walter – Chief Steward/Chief Steward
Dingley, Samuel – Second Steward/Cabin Steward
Gordan, William – 2nd Cook/Cabin Cook
Haviland, John – 1st Vegetable Cook/Ward-room Steward
Carmichael, David – Bedroom Steward/Ward-room Steward
Whyte, James – Linen Keeper/Ward-room Steward
Miller, Robert – Pantry Steward/Ward-room Steward
Villemet, Chas. – Chief Cook/Ward-room Cook
Morris, Joseph – Steerage Cook/Chief Steerage Cook
Harris, James – Storekeeper/Mess Attendant
Waddy, Patrick – Saloon Steward/Mess Attendant
Barth, Gustave – Saloon Steward/Mess Attendant
Hillier, Chas. – Saloon Steward/Mess Attendant
Nichols, Thomas – Saloon Steward/Mess Attendant
Donohue, James – Saloon Steward/Mess Attendant
Bassford, Horace – Saloon Steward/Mess Attendant
Chandler, R.A. – Saloon Steward/Mess Attendant


Wittenberg, Ernest J., 2nd class Fireman, U.S.N.


List of Spanish American War Veterans Buried In New York (Surnames M-Z)(Wittenberg, Ernest J.)

United States Lines Company, American Line, New York-Southampton. (New York, 1898) “In Peace” (a 71 page work produced by the shipping line to commemorate the Line’s involvement in the war.

Report of the Chief of the Bureau of Navigation, Navy Department, 1898. (Washington: Government Printing Office, 1898) 42 (Capt. Wise).

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