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"The Spanish War, 1898"
Living History and Reenactment Group

By Dave Rogers

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It was a time of Empires and Kings when our Young Republic debuted upon the stage of world politics. A generation of Civil War veterans had cautiously led America to the end of the 19th Century, where upon a new generation emerged and flung the Nation headlong into the turmoil of international competition, Empire and bigstick politics. The Spanish American War put the United States upon the path it has followed most of the 20th Century.

If the period of the "American Empire" fascinates you, The Spanish American War 1898 can help you get a little closer to it. Historical reenacting offers the unique opportunitiy to experience history from the inside looking out. You can share with other interested people and by actively participating, gain a feeling of pride in your group and a personal sense of accomplishment.

The Spanish American War 1898 is a small but experienced group that uses a new approach to living history. We plan our events with historically correct activities that are within the context of the event site. In other words, we don't mix our skirmishes with our drill or garrison duties. The purpose of our events is to provide a learning experience for the participants, not to entertain the public.

We utilize period U.S. Army manuals and government documents to follow Army proceedures. We only use original Krag or Trapdoor rifles and authentic uniforms which are available from several sources. We have real marches, company mess with period rations and actually learn the drill and tactics. Needless to say, this is not for everyone.

We have access to historical sites in California that were involved with the war such as the Presidio and Angel Island. We've been helped by organizations across the country including the Theodore Roosevelt House at Sagamore Hill, and the William McKinley Library. We are not alone in our interest as there are reenactment groups in Pennsylvania, Arizona and Florida along with many individuals throughout the nation. As we approach the Centennial in 1998, interest in this period is increasing and requests for our participation in commemorative events far exceeds our resources.

Unlike other conflicts, the Spanish American War was brief, but we find that fact to be one of its attractions. Secretary of State John Hay described it as "a splendid little war." We have found that it is unexplored territory and therefore, very nearly, our private little war.

Become an attached unit or a soldier in the reserves. Send your $5 contribution along with your address and muster in. A copy of the Journal (newsletter full of club acitivities and interesting information on the period distributed quarterly) will soon be on its way. We also have T-shirts, with an outstanding picture of Theodore Roosevelt and describing the Rough Riders, for $18.

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