A Partial Roster of the

Auxiliary Cruiser ST. PAUL

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The following is a partial roster of the Auxiliary Cruiser ST. PAUL. The men listed are those who were members of the vessel's civilian crew who stayed aboard and served in the U.S. Navy. The only exception is that we have added Capt. Charles Sigsbee, who commanded the vessel during the war after commanding the ill-fated battleship MAINE..

The Roster:

Charles Sigsbee, Capt.
Powelson, Wilfred Van Nest, Ensign

Deck Department:

George Young, Lt.
J. A. Pattson, Lt., Junior Grade
H. Dixon, Lt., Junior Grade
R Osbourn, Lt., Junior Grade
J. L. Cowell, Ensign
Allan Gallatley, Chief Carpenter
William Thorne, Chief Boatswain’s Mate
C. E. Shaw, Chief Carpenter’s Mate
James Kehoe, Chief Yeoman
H. W. Davis, Quartermaster, 1st Class
Richard H. Webb, Quartermaster, 1st Class
W. E. Griffith, Yeoman, 1st Class
William C. Meek, Yeoman, 1st Class
J. D. Rhodes, Gunner’s Mate
J. W. W. Brewster, Yeoman, 2nd Class
B. Elliott, Coxswain
J. J. McWade, Seaman
J. L. Blair, Seaman
H. B. Williams, Seaman
R. B. Gregory, Seaman
M. Walsh, Seaman
C. Coster, Seaman
P. Trainor, Seaman
L Laen, Seaman
August Terries, Seaman
Charles Petersen, Seaman
A. Johnson, Seaman
Charles Hopp, Seaman
H. Linden, Seaman
C. Carlson, Seaman
A. Kjellmodin, Seaman
A. J. Westling, Seaman
J. Rostedt, Seaman
Emil Boergessen, Seaman
William Holliday, Seaman
E. B. Thrusby, Seaman

Engineering Department:

John Hunter, Chief Engineer
Charles Robinson, Passed Assistant Engineer
John Anderson, Passed Assistant Engineer
Oscar Anderson, Assistant Engineer
Charles Thompson, Assistant Engineer
William Mair, Chief Machinist
Robert Dempster, Chief Machinist
William H. Phillips, Chief Machinist
William Hogan, Chief Machinist
William Hennessy, Chief Machinist
Lindsay Dougherty, Chief Machinist
Samuel Fyfe, Chief Machinist
C. Neilson, Chief Machinist
George Jamison, Chief Machinist
Charles Brown, Chief Machinist
Andrew McLaren, Chief Machinist
William Cree, Chief Machinist
Richard Kelly, Chief Machinist
Edward Wishart, Chief Machinist
George W. Adams, Chief Machinist
Edward Gavigan, Chief Machinist
Mark Cochran, Chief Machinist
George P. Runkle, Machinist, 1st Class
S. Clark, Machinist, 1st Class
J. Drexler, Water Tender
G. Hopke, Water Tender
C. Heitman, Water Tender
James P. Mulligan, Oiler
J. McDonald, Oiler
J. Lindblom, Oiler
J. Doyle, Oiler
F. Feitzel, Oiler
William Drummond, Oiler
J. Costello, Oiler
Patrick O’Neill, Oiler
T. Gilchrist, Oiler
William Lawler, Oiler
R. Moss, Oiler
Edward Nicey, Oiler
R. Corrigan, Oiler
John King, Oiler
Thomas Gentiles, Oiler
George Donley, Oiler
Carl Duch, Oiler
John Foote, Oiler
William Ludeman, Fireman, 1st Class
John Strauchon, Fireman, 1st Class
William Dingley, Fireman, 1st Class
Fred Henry, Fireman, 1st Class
J. Kelly, Fireman, 1st Class
M. Ward, Fireman, 1st Class
Jacob Van Neala, Fireman, 1st Class
F. Fahnkopf, Fireman, 1st Class
John McClinchey, Fireman, 1st Class
James Kelly, Fireman, 1st Class
John Kelly, Fireman, 2nd Class
Edward Hammond, Coal Passer
Edward Burns, Coal Passer
John Dougherty, Coal Passer
William Brown, Coal Passer
Patrick McCoy, Coal Passer
Charles Morrissey, Coal Passer
John Lund, Coal Passer
John Kelly, No 2, Coal Passer

Steward Department:

Frederick Clarke, Steward to Commander-in-chief
Henry Cull, Cabin Cook
William J. Coward, Wardroom Cook


United States Lines Company, American Line, New York-Southampton. (New York, 1898) “In Peace” (a 71 page work produced by the shipping line to commemorate the Line’s involvement in the war.

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