A Partial Roster of the crew

of the Auxiliary Cruiser ST. LOUIS

During the Spanish American War

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The following is a partial roster of the Auxiliary Cruiser ST. LOUIS. The names, unless otherwise noted, are men who were crewmen aboard the oceanliner before she was pressed into service as an auxiliary cruiser and who decided to stay aboard as crewmen during her wartime service. They were mustered in as naval personnel.

Following names are the known naval ranks given these personnel, and their original rank in civilian service aboard the ship in the following format: (Naval Rank/Civilian Rank).

The Roster:

W. G. Randle (Commander/Captain)
T. G. Segrave (Lieutenant/Chief Officer)
George E. Beckwith (Lieutenant J.G./ Senior Second Officer)
George J. Luce (Lieutenant J.G./ Junior Second Officer)
H. R. Campbell (Lieutenant J.G./ Extra Second Officer)
W. A. F. Smith (Ensign/3rd Officer)
J. H. Dungan
James Jarvis
J. R. Buchanan
 J. L. Anderson
Thomas Crockett
James Lindsay
J. Washburn
J. B. Wickersham
 F. J. Albrecht
N. G. Grayson
L. Hanson
G. S. Hewes
W. Sanders
H.  M.. Davie
W. Howes
R. T. Stockton
John Sante
John Donaldson
Frank Poehler
D. Abrahams
J. H. Mcdonald
Geo. Bartfield
J. W. Cahill
L. Schmidt
H. Hansen
W. Wynn
B. Christensen
J. Mahoney
F. S. Taylor
F. Fabian
R. Lloyd Parker (Passed Assistant Surgeon/Surgeon)
Thos. Kinsey (Passed Assistant Paymaster/Purser)
R. H. Urquhart
John Walls (Chief Engineer/Chief Engineer)
William  Joyce (Passed Assistant Engineer/Junior 1st Assistant)
John Carstairs (Assistant Engineer/Senior 2nd Assistant)
M. J. McGinn (Assistant Engineer/Junior 2nd Assistant)
Samuel Round (Warrant Machinist/Extra 2nd Assistant)
John Miles (Warrant Machinist/Extra 2nd Assistant)
Vernon F. Preston (Warrant Machinist/Extra 2nd Assistant)
James Campbell (Warrant Machinist/Junior 3rd Assistant)
A. Jeffrey (Warrant Machinist/Extra 3rd Assistant)
James Lang (Warrant Machinist/Extra 3rd Assistant)
William Burns
A. Mcgregor
John H. Shimmin
John L. Brown
C. Johnson
Thomas Lennon
L. W. James.
George Birchall
Robert Crane
L. J. Nordlund
Edward Walsh
D. O'Brien
Chas. Marquardt
S. A. Macnamara
William Dunn
Daniel Brady
James Marshall
J Johnson
J. Kieche
J. Burke
T. Quinn
W. Doherty
P. Donovan
F. Mckei
O. Mcdonald
H. Eike
M. Thornton
H. Corbally
F. Nelson
R. Schultz
G. Moran
H. Schroder
H. Bear
E. Royer
P. Goodwin
T. Carr
M. Griffin
P. Morgan
D. Devine
A. Bomen
John Ritchie
P. Mayer
A. Klein
J. Molloy
C. Mcelroy
N. Pratt
L. Venski
P. Rabe
S. Buckhold
H. Prigg
R. Dehn
O. Schulz
C. Kohler
C. Korblie
J. Brown
J. Mccabe
F. Horner
G. Devine
D. Mcgreal
J. Donnelly
J. King
John Donovan
W. McGrath
E. Schmidt
J. Struckmeyer
George Bell
John Farrell
Henry Hammond
William Whittingham
John Locke
Bernard Haron
George. Mooney
Reuben Reeves
E. Fulford
Fred. Marsh
Frank McDermott
Percy Dobell
John Menton
David Evans
Frank Holt
Sydney Sanders
George Maginni
James Sloane
George Ryder
Louis Sasia
Albert Turner
William Wade
Henry Hexam
Henry Burrows
John Neiser
James Wright
Henry Beattie
Chas. Coombes
William Connor
Fred. Patterson
Walter Collard
Alfred Allen
Percy Wilson
Hans Spies
Alfred Eyans


United States Lines Company, American Line, New York-Southampton. (New York, 1898) “In Peace” (a 71 page work produced by the shipping line to commemorate the Line’s involvement in the war.

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