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Crew Roster of the Gunboat U.S.S. Petrel

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The following is the crew roster of the USS PETREL that took part in the Battle of Manila Bay on May 1, 1898. The roster comes from the Bounding Billow, the USFS OLYMPIA's ship newspaper.

The Roster:

Arnhold, Arthur, Chief Yeoman
Assmus, Paul, Seaman.
Ball, G.H., Bayman
Baston, Charles G., Coxswain
Batson, Frank, Corporal USMC
Beaumont, Charles, Fireman, Second Class
Bethgen, Emil, Coxswain
Black, Frank J., Chief Boatmaker's Mate
Blakenbeckler, Robert J., Landsman
Blakiston, Raymond J., Sailmaker's Mate
Bley, Edgar S., Coal Passer
Brownell, Carl D., Passed Assistant Surgeon
Budrow, Leonard, Coxswain
Burton, Richard E., First Sergeant USMC
Cantwell, Richard F., Chief Machinist
Carlssen, John L., Bugler
Cassey, Peter F., Ordinary Seaman
Chang, Hung Daw, Mess Attendant
Christie, David, Seaman
Cogswell, Frederick L., Apothecary
Conquest, Alfred B., Chief Yeoman
Cooley, Verdinal W., Apprentice, First Class
Coyle, Patrick, Seaman
Currie, Archie, Oiler
Donohue, Peter, Fireman, First Class
Donovan, George M., Machinist, First Class
Donovan, John H., Ordinary Seaman
Dueland, George, Boatswain's Mate, First Class
Duncan, Frederick F., Apprentice, Second Class
Eberlin, Louis A., Apprentice, Second Class
Eklundh, John E., Chief Quartermaster
Engman, John A, Ordinary Seaman
Enutroff, Darblub, Seaman
Ermerius, John F., Chief Yeoman
Fermier, George L., Ensign
Fielder, William, Seaman
Fiske, Bradley A., Lieutenant
Fitzgerald, Daniel, Landsman
Foo, Ah, Wardroom Cook
Ford, Louis M, Private USMC
Forest, Edwin C., Apprentice, Second Class
Gardes, Henry W., Yeoman, Second Class
Geary, James J., Seaman
Gun, Ah, Mess Attendant
Hall, Reynold T.,  Chief Engineer
Hannis, Edwin, Coxswain
Hansen, William, Seaman
Harmon, William E., Landsman
Harper, Henry A., Coal Passer
Harris, Duncan C., Gunner's Mate, Third Class
Hart, Charles, Quartermaster, First Class
Hee, Ah, Mess Attendant
Higgins, Patrick, Private USMC
Hinricks, Robert, Gunner's Mate, Second Class
Hobart, Harry, Apprentice, First Class
Hooser, William F., Coal Passer
Howard, John L., Yeoman, Third Class
Hughes, Edward M., Lieutenant
Huitfeldt, Oscar, Seaman
Isakson, John F., Ordinary Seaman
Itrich, Franz A., Chief Carpenter's Mate
Joyce. Michael, Private USMC
Kariger, Frederick, Seaman
Kavanaugh, John K., Corporal USMC
Kramer, Frank, Private USMC
Kramer, Hugo, Coppersmith
Kranel, William, Seaman
Kuhlback, Theodore, Chief Gunner's Mate
Kwack, Chie, Mess Attendant
Larsen, Olaf, Seaman
Logan, George, Seaman
Lutken, Harold I., Chief Machinist
Macaulay, Bernard V., Apprentice, Second Class
Martin, John S, Chief Machinist
Maybery, Willie L., Landsman
McAllister, Samuel, Ordinary Seaman
Mening, John, Coal Passer
Millane, Patrick, Coxswain
Miller, Hans P., Gunner's Mate, Third Class
Montgomery, William S., Ensign
Muffly, John D., Oiler
Nagase, Yasujiro, Landsman
Nagle, Edward F., Blacksmith
Olander, Herman K., Quartermaster, Third Class
O'Mara, Thomas J., Coal Passer
O'Toole, John, Coxswain
Otto, Konstantin, Landsman
Palmer, Humboldt J., Gunner's Mate, Second Class
Patterson, Alexander, Water Tender
Plunkett, Charles P., Lieutenant (J.G.)
Power, John, Firemar, First Class
Prelorsky, Dimitri, Boilermaker
Prodo, John, Gunner's Mate, First Class
Putsche, Bernard, Seaman
Raymond, George A., Apprentice, Second Class
Reed, Samuel, Fireman, Second Class
Reh, Otto E., Chief Master-At-Arms
Remahl, Alfred, Ordinary Seaman
Rust, Jesse B., Coal Passer
Schneider, Fred, Private USMC
Schuel, George, Fireman, First Class
Seibels, George G., Assistant Paymaster
Sellman, John, Seaman
Sing, Ah, Wardroom Steward
Singman, Bert B., Apprentice, Second Class
Smith, Charles E., Plumber And Fitter .
Smith, Eugene P., Fireman, Second Class
Smith, William, Landsman
Sowerby, John A., Apprentice, Second Class
Sprong, Charles H., Seaman
Sterling, William J., Ordinary Seaman
Strom, August E., Boatswain's Mate, Second Class
Struwe, A.G.O., Quartermaster, Second Class
Sun, Ah, Painter
Tanaka, Guikichi, Cabin Steward
Torstensen, Helge, Boatswain's Mate, Second Class
Trennert, Robert F., Apprentice, Second Class
Valles, Christopher H., Gunner's Mate, Third Class
Warner, George C., Coal Passer
West, William, Private USMC
White, Thomas, Ship's Cook, First Class
Wiers, John A., Ordinary Seaman
Wilson, Frank, Seaman
Wise, Willis G., Coal Passer
Wood, Albert N., Lieutenant
Wood, Edward, Commander
Yee, Ah, Mess Attendant
Yonejiro, Hamano, Cabin Cook
Yung, Ah, Mess Attendant


The Bounding Billow, Vol. 1, No. 7, November-December, 1898, published on board the Cruiser OLYMPIA.

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