Battleship MAINE,

Her Final Resting Places - Part 3

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6 pounder gun from the MAINE at South Carolina Statehouse in Columbia, Richland
County, South Carolina (Photo courtesy of Kenneth H. Robison II)


The left image is a close-up view of the plaque mounted on the gun.  The photo at right shows the markings on the gun.  The marks indicate that the 6 pounder was manufactured in 1894 and was a 6 pounder Mark III gun weighing 608 pounds. It is No. 207. MAINE carried seven  six-pounder rapid fire guns. (Photo courtesy of Kenneth H. Robison II)


Remains of one of the MAINE 's Torpedo tubes located at West Park in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The torpedo tube is set in a round pit. There are two plaques on the semicircular wall around it. One plaque is a memorial to the crew of the MAINE , and the other is to Lt. Friend W. Jenkins who was killed when the MAINE was sunk. Lt. Jenkins was a member of the University of Pittsburgh, Class of 1883, according to the plaque (courtesy of Robert L. Etter Major USAF Ret.)

Capstan of the MAINE, located at the Battery in Charleston, South Carlolina (courtesy of Kenneth H. Robison, II).

There are plaques on three sides of the Capstan monument, reading as follows:

(Front Plaque):

Capstan of
U.S.S. Maine
Destroyed in Havana Harbor
By Extrenal Explosion
At 9:40 P.M. February 15th, 1898
With the Loss of 266 Lives

(Left Plaque):

Removed to this site
July 15th, 1927
Through the efforts of
Victor Blue Camp
United Spanish War Veterans

(Right Plaque):

Presented by
The Navy Department
To the City of Charleston
Through the Courtesy of
U.S. Senator Benjamin P. (F?) Tillman
May, 1913


This 6 inch gun from the MAINE is at the Washington Navy Yard Museum in Washington DC (contributed by Robert Conner).

The plaque on the front of the gun reads:

"6 inch  - 30 caliber gun
U.S. Battleship
Sunk in Havana Harbor
February 15, 1898

This spare propeller balde from the MAINE is at the Washington Navy Yard Museum in Washington DC (contributed by Robert Conner).

The blade is marked:

Propeller Blade from
U.S.S. Maine
Sunk in Havana Harbor
February 15, 1898"

6 inch gun mount  Plaque

The 6 inch gun mount (shown at left) is locaated at the VFW in Chattanooga, TN. The plaque at right, placed at the gun mount, explains that the gun mount was "was thrown overboard by the force of the explosion..." and was recovered when the wreck of the MAINE was removed. It notes that the 6 inch gun tube that it held was not found (contributed by Tom Batha).


The monument at left, located in Hillsborough, North Carolina in front of the Orange County Courthouse,  is a monument commemorating the start of the start of the 1778 expedition led by Daniel Boone's into Kentucky. Though at first seemingly unrelated to the MAINE, a plaque on the monument (right) indicates at the bottom that the plaques were cast from metal from the MAINE  The monument stands  on the corners of East King Street and Court Street (contributed by Robert Conner).


One of the MAINE's torpedo ports used to reside at  Lakeside Park in Oakland, California (near Oakland's venerable Children's Fairyland). The plaque that identified it as being from the MAINE is now missing.  (info. and image courtesy of Harry S. Yaglijian). However, it was stolen and later recovered. It is now located in front of the Veterans' War Memorial Building in Oakland (Update from G. W. Hastings)


This item is from a private collection. This item was apparently made from pieces salvaged from the MAINE  and was given to one of the men working on the salvage operation.

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