The younger generation's view of the MAINE

A Drawing by Justin Beam, Age 8 

The loss of the MAINE - Justin's view

The need will always exist to attempt to teach the next generation about the history of the Spanish American War.  Without an understanding of this time period, it will not be possible to understand how the United States first appeared as a true world power, or how it gained land-holdings overseas, such as Hawaii, Guam, and Puerto Rico. An understanding of the war is also a requirement to understand how people in these areas, as well as Spain, Cuba and the Philippines view America today.

We are encouraged by the sketch above, submitted by Justin Beam, who drew it when he was 8 years old. It is an excellent piece of art for a youngster of his age, and we gladly accept it.

The MAINE, and the drama of its loss has been a subject of interest for young and old for four generations. Let's use that interest to further the understanding  of America's true past, and its relations with its world neighbors, Spain, Philippines, Cuba.

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