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Members of the First Marine Battalion

Detached for Service or transferred aboard the


Contributed by Robert Pendleton
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The following is a list of members of the First Marine Battalion  that, on the 8th of July 1898, were detached for service or transferred to guard Spanish prisoners of war aboard the U.S.S. HARVARD. These men were transferred aboard the ship after the "HARVARD Incident" in which members of the 9th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry fired on the prisoners resulting in a dozen deaths. All Marines detached to guard Spanish prisoners of war or transferred to the Marine Guard on board the U.S.S. HARVARD were transferred to Marine Barracks, Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, Seavey Island, Kittery, Maine, 16 July 1898.

The Roster:

Detached from Company A of the battalion to guard Spanish prisoners of war aboard U.S.S. HARVARD:


Kelton, Allen C., Captain
Moses, Franklin J., 1st Lieutenant (transferred to Marine Barracks, Portsmouth Navy Yard, Kittery, Maine,
    then detached  and ordered to Marine Corps Headquarters, Navy Yard, District of Columbia)


Boyd, John N., 1st Sergeant
Sullivan, Daniel
Doyle, John


Cordes, William F.
Sugral, Timothy, F.
Turner, Robert


Allen, Frank A.
Bitinger, Frank
Colbert, John H.
Coffey, William H.
Collins, William C
Campbell, James E.
Cooper, James
Cofran, John A.
Conley, John J.
Durgin, Dennis F.
Durkin, Andrew
Daust, Maxime
Dee. Joseph J.
Devine, Thomas
Dowdall, Joseph H.
Doyle, Joseph
Foster, George N.
Freeman, Benjamin A.
Garney, John A.
Gulmet, Joseph D.
Grooket, Charles F.
Hanley, Patrick
Hayes, Bartholomew
Hughes, Edward C.

Transferred from Company A to the Marine Guard, U.S.S. HARVARD:


Grady, Patrick
Hoffman, Werner L.
Holmes, Robert W.
Irvine, William
Johnson, Joseph H.
LaSage, John E.
Lowry, James A.
Leitner, Charles A.
McInnerney, James J.
McLeney, Hugh
McGregor, Mark W.
Meyers, Samuel
Meehan, Thomas B.
Morrissey, William T.
Moore, James Joseph
Murray, Reginald A.
Naughnary, Timothy J.
Nelson, John H.
Patterson, Walter
Payrow, Charles H.
Peyton, Courtland F.
Ream, William V.
Richardson, Oscar S.
Scofield, Edward
Scofield, George
Slater, James H.
Soiza, Antonio
Stevens, Elmer R.
Thompson, Charle F.
Thompson, John
Warren, John
Whitney, Francis A.
Williams, David


Official U.S.M.C. Muster Roll of the battalion , 1 to 31 July, Camp McCalla, Playa del Este, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Approved by Lt. Colonel Robert W. Huntington, Commanding Battalion

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