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A Brief Chronology of the

Beginnings of the Coast Artillery and the Spanish American War

Contributed by Raymond Tompkins; Data provided by Andrew Bittle, PhD, and Patrick McSherry

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The Coast Artillery began its history during the Spanish American War. The history is traced in the following chronology.

The Chronology:

February 15, 1898 Battleship MAINE sinks in Havana harbor after a disasterous explosion.

March, 1898 - The Army forms the 6th Artillery Regiment at Ft. McHenry, Baltimore, Maryland (except for Battery O and one other battery that are formed a year later).

April, 25, 1898 The United States declares war on Spain.

July, 1898  - Two batteries of the 6th Artillery ship from San Francisco to the Philippines, arriving in August.  Battery D went to Manila,  Battery G to Iloilo, on the Island of Panay.

August 13, 1898 Manila Falls; Armistice declared and fighting between the U.S. and Spain ends.

December 10, 1898 Spanish American War ends with the signing of the Treaty of Paris.

February 4, 1899 The Philippine - American War begins.

March 1899 - Battery O, 6th Artillery is formed in the United States; Battery D, 6th Artillery participates in the attack and capture of Malabon.

April 1899 -  Battery O, together with most of the rest of the 6th Artillery Regiment, steamss for the Philippines,  arriving in May 1899 (i.e., after the battle of Malabon.)

Battery O remains in the Manila area. By September, 1900 the unit is located at Santa Lucia, near Manila.

1901 - the 6th Artillery Regiment is broken into independent companies. Battery O was redesignated the 71st Company, Coast Artillery Corps, and stationed at Ft. Santiago, near Manila.

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