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Army Transport CHESTER Runs Aground!

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The Army Transports CHESTER and MANITOBA nearly collided near Savannah, Georgia. The CHESTER accidentally ran aground to avoid the collision. Below is a newspaper account of the incident.

The Article:


CHESTER Goes Aground in Order to Avoid a Collision

SAVANNAH, Nov 28 - The United States Transport CHESTER, loaded with 1,500 men of the Fifteenth United States infantry, horses, mules ammunition and supplies for Neuvitas, Cuba, left this morning at 9 o'clock.

Four miles from the city the CHESTER met the United States Transport MANITOBA coming up to the city. The MANITOBA did not slacker her speed and in order to avoid a collision the CHESTER ran ashore.

She is now stuck in the channel 4 miles below the city, but will be pulled off at this evening's tide and proceeed to sea.

A dredge boat ran between the two Transports and forced the CHESTER out of the channel. The CHESTER drew over 25 feet of water when she left Savannah.

U.S.A.T. Chester in profile

The Transport CHESTER


"Transport Runs Ashore," The Pensacola News (Pensacola, Florida). November 29, 1898, 6.

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