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U.S. Army Transport CHESTER

Contributed by Harry James

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Below are images of the Army Transport CHESTER. The CHESTER, purchased by the Army, was known to have been used to transport troops to and from Puerto Rico, and to transport troops from Camp Wikoff, Montauk, Long Island to New York City.

Profile of the U.S. Army Transport Chester

The profile of the Transport CHESTER

  Stern of the U.S.A.T. Chester

The stern of the CHESTER. Note the "bumboat" or boat with two people selling things to the men
aboard the ship. One  of the men is lowering a bucket to make a transaction. Farther forward, another customer
has a bag lowered awaiting a transaction.

Stern of the U.S.A.T. Chester, enlarged.

A close-up veiw of the stern. It clearing deotes that this is an Army vessel, not a privately owned
vessel, or a Navy-operated vessel. it reads "CHESTER U.S.A. Q.M. DEPT." meaning "CHESTER,
U.S. Army Quartermaster Department"

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