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The Roster of the U.S.S. BALTIMORE at Manila Bay  

The Crew of the Cruiser U.S.S. Baltimore

A view of the crew of the BALTIMORE on the spar deck. The men wear their working white uniforms,
and most wear the knit wool watch cap. In the foreground, some crew try to restrain two mascots. The one on
the left appears to be a goat, and the one on the right possibly a dog.

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The following is the roster of the Cruiser Baltimore at Battle of Manila Bay.

The Roster:


Nehemiah M. Dyer, Captain
John B. Briggs, Lieutenant Commander
Frank H. Holmes, Lieutenant
Frank W. Kellogg, Lieutenant
John M. Ellicott, Lieutenant (J.G.)
Charles S. Stanworth, Lieutenant (J.G.)
George N. Hayward, Ensign
Noble E. Irwin, Ensign
Michael J. McCormack, Ensign
John C. Wise, Medical Inspector
Reginald K. Smith, Assistant Surgeon
Edward Bellows, Pay Inspector
John D. Ford, Chief Engineer
Edward L. Beach, Passed Assistant Engineer
Henry B. Price, Assistant Engineer
Mutch I. Cone, Assistant Engineer
Thaddeus S. K. Freeman, Chaplain
Otway C. Berryman, Captain Of Marines
Dion Williams, First Lieutenant Of Marines

Enlisted men:

Aberg, Thomas, Seaman
Achenvok, Alexander, Seaman
Ahl, Peter, Ordinary Seaman
Allander, Charles, Gunner's Mate, Third Class
Allbright, Joseph T., Landsman
Alvino, Antonio, Musician, First Class
Anderson, Arnt P., Seaman
Anderson, Charles W., Apprentice, Second Class
Anderson, Frederick L., Apprentice, Second Class
Anderson, Oscar, Ordinary Seaman
Angelo, Antonio, Seaman
Anglin, Warren E., Fireman, First Class
Ashley, Harry C., Apprentice, Second Class
Bailhache, Solon W., Musician, Second Class
Baines, John J., Fireman, First Class
Ballard, Albert N., Ordinary Seaman
Baptist, Gay, Private, USMC
Barlow, Robert L., Landsman
Barrett, John T., Apprentice, First Class
Barrett, Peter, Seaman
Barson, Martin, Ordinary Seaman
Barth, Otto, Carpenter
Bathke, Max, Coxswain
Beaver, Arthur, Apprentice, Second Class
Becker, Max, Seaman
Bellamy, Sydney F., Private, USMC
Belsey, James W., Fireman, First Class
Benson, George F., Apprentice, First Class
Benson, John C., Private, USMC
Bernsee, Frank, Seaman
Berry, John G., Coal Passer
Bickford, Joseph Perrin, Fireman, First Class
Bishop, Henry M., Fireman, Second Class
Bliss, Leonard L., Private, USMC
Boehmann, Francis, Drummer, USMC
Boerschel Paul, Apprentice, First Class
Bohen, John F. R., Boilermaker
Bohne, Charles A., Apprentice, First Class
Bomberg, John, Ordinary Seaman
Bos, Richard, Ordinary Seaman
Bow, Ah, Mess Attendant
Bowman, John, Landsman
Boyd, George D., Coal Passer
Bradley, Frank E., Private, USMC
Brady, George, Ordinary Seaman
Brawn, Henry, Coal Passer
Brawn, Paul, Fireman, First Class
Brayton, Harry R., Acting Boatswain
Broer, William, Musician, First Class
Bromby, Walter, Apprentice, First Class
Brooke, Tenis, Seaman
Bruck, August, Private, USMC
Budinger, Michael J., Landsman
Bunzire, Suzulsi, Mess Attendant
Burres, Benedict O., Machinist, First Class
Burton, Albert G., Fireman, First Class
Butt, Robert, Fireman, First Class
Byington, Edward C., Private, USMC
Campbell, Robert P., Private, USMC
Carney, Patrick J., Landsman
Carrol, Fred R., Apprentice, First Class
Carroll, James, Oiler
Carter, Frank, Fireman, Second Class
Castle, Porter D., Landsman
Caswell, George F., Sailmaker's Mate
Chapman, William S., Private, USMC
Chee, Tong, Mess Attendant
Clark, George J., Gunner's Mate, Second Chss
Clark, John T., Landsman
Clements, Charles W., Coal Passer
Colbert, Frank J., Boatswain's Mate, Second Class
Cole, Charles P., Coxswain
Coleman, Daniel, Coal Passer
Collins, John T., Fireman, Second Class
Conrad, Edward, Coal Passer
Connelly, Louis J., Gunner
Cooke, Benjamin F., Apprentice, Second Class
Corwin, William J., Pay Clerk
Covert, Richard P., Ordinary Seaman
Craig, Daniel, Fireman, Second Class
Craig, George K., Apprentice, Second Class
Crangle, Charles I., Ordinary Seaman
Cretser, Theodore O., Coal Passer
Crisp, John, Ordinary Seaman
Curran, Dennis, Fireman, First Class
Dacey, William, Coal Passer
Daly, Joseph, Landsman
Davis, John A., Fireman, Second Class
Devine, John, Ship's Cook, First Class
Dickerson, Edgar A., Ordinary Seaman
Dietz, Charles J., Apothecary
Dinimick, Clarence C., Private, USMC
Doepke, Oscar J., Coal Passer
Dunleavy, Thomas, Fireman, First Class
Dunn, John J., Ordinary Seaman
Dyer, Leslie, Ordinary Seaman
Edlund, Frank G., Chief Master-At-Arms
Edwards, Will E., Fireman, Second Class
Edwards, William A., Private, USMC
Egan, Murty, Private, USMC
Eggert, Charles, Boatswain's Mate, First Class
Emerson, Frank E, Private, USMC
Engel, Hermann, Gunner's Mate, Third Class
Engstrom, Gustaf, Fireman, First Class
Evans, Charles N., Private, USMC
Everson, Celjos D., Ordinary Seaman
Ewing, Claud L., Seaman
Fair, James F., Chief Machinist
Fanillo, Frank J., Landsman
Fensholdt, Luis P., Private, USMC
Fitzgerald, Maurice, Private, USMC
Flowers, Bert, Coal Passer
Flynn, Thomas J., Apprentice, Second Class
Foley, Joseph A., Apprentice, Second Class
Foster, Louis, Gunner's Mate, First Class
Franks, Leon, Musician, First Class
Fujita, Sadaski, Warrant Officer's Steward
Funkier, Hugo, Apprentice, Second Class
Gallagher, Edward, Coal Passer
Gallequillo, Raymond, Fireman, First Class
Gambier, Ludwick A., Coal Passer
Gast, Gustave H., Ordinary Seaman
Gau, Ah, Mess Attendant
Gauthier, Frank J., Landsman
George, Frederick W., Private, USMC
Goebel, Paul D., Private, USMC
Goldstine, Aaron, Fireman, Second Class
Gong, Fong, Cabin Cook
Goodall, Samuel, Seaman
Graf, John, Coal Passer
Grant, James, Sergeant, USMC
Greenan, Joseph, Coxswain
Gridley, Frank S., Ordinary Seaman
Grieser, John B., Private, USMC
Gubel, John, Master-At-Arms, Second Class
Gunderman, August F., Ordinary Seaman
Gustafson, Carl, Quartermaster, First Class
Hall, Frederic, Private, USMC
Hartnett, Guy W., Apprentice, Second Class
Hartrick, Richard, Chief Carpenter's Mate
Hashimoto, Haru, Mess Attendant
Hastings, Frank W., Private, USMC
Hatfield, Fred L., Apprentice, Second Class
Haunstein, Adolph, Ordinary Seaman
Healey, Thomas P., Apprentice, Second Class
Heberling, George, Boatswain's Mate, First Class
Heden, August J., Seaman
Heider, Alfred, Private, USMC
Heil, Joseph, Gunner's Mate, Second Class
Helenius, Axel, Gunners Mate, Third Class
Henrick, Peter, Oiler
Herre, Charles, Ordinary Seaman
Higgins, George H., Coal Passer
Hillhouse, James H., Coal Passer
Honeywell Harry E., Musician, Second Class
Hoofman, Julius C., Sergeant, USMC
Horn, Harry, Coxswain
Hoy, Albert, Musician, Second Class
Humphrey, Harry, Printer
Hunt, Joseph, Oiler
Huntley, John S., Bugler
Hurd, Lewis C., Landsman
Hurney, John, Seaman
Jallett, Charles H., Private, USMC
Jarvis, George, Coal Passer
Jenson, Oscar J., Ordinary Seaman
Jim, Charle, Steerage Steward
Johannsen, Aksel, Coxswain
Johnson, Arthur H., Apprentice, Second Class
Johnson, Edward, Fireman, First Class
Johnson, Lucien F., Apprentice, Second Class
Jones, Jesse E., Chief Machinist
Julian, Charles, Seaman
Kane, Corneluis C., Oiler
Kaufmann, Elias C., Bandmaster
Keaw, Ah, Mess Attendant
Keene, Andrew R., Private, USMC
Kell, Thomas E., Chief Machinist
Kemper, Josef, Fireman, First Class
Kennedy, Joseph, Fireman, First Class
Kennedy, Martin, Boilermaker
Kerble, Hugo L., Landsman
Kersting, Henry W., Oiler
Keukichi, Kamiya, Steerage Cook
Kian, Ah, Cabin Steward
King, Mark T., Coal Passer
Kivlehen, Michael, Chief Quartermaster
Kohler, George J., Carpenter's Mate, Second Class
Latham, Joseph W., Apprentice, Second Class
Lathrop, Albert, Ordinary Seaman
Lazzier, Frank, Private, USMC
Lee, Francis, Seaman
Lefeber, Albert, Boatswain's Mate, Second Class
Leggatt, Matthew, Seaman
Lehman, William C., Fireman, Second Class
Lehmann, Joseph A., Fireman, Second Class
Liese, Gustav, First Musician
Lingron, Alfred, Boatswain's Mate, Second Class
Locke, Frederick, Chief Boatswain's Mate
Ludgate, William, Private, USMC
Luttrell, John F., Machinist, First Class
Lyn, Charles C., Coal Passer
Lynghby, Henry S., Seaman
Mahlstedt, John D., Machinist, Second Class
Mahon, Thomas M., Oiler
Manders, John, Fireman, Second Class
Manning, James J., Apprentice, First Class
Marshall Dominic, Apprentice, Second Class
Marshall, Charles T., Apprentice, First Class
Marshall, Joseph, Apprentice, Second Class
Mayer, Frank J., Apprentice, First Class
McBrearty, Frank, Private, USMC
McCabe, Thomas, Jr., Apprentice, First Class
McCarthy, Joseph, Fireman, First Class
McCormick, John, Private, USMC
McCorriston, Francis J., Ordinary Seaman
McDonald, Thomas C., Fireman, Second Class
McDowell, Thomas H., Fireman, Second Class
McGrath, John J., Plumber And Fitter
McKay, Fred, Shipwright
McKay, George W., Carpenter's Mate, Third Class
McLaughlin, John C., Private, USMC
McNierney, John J., Fireman, First Class
Meyer, Lawrence L., Apprentice, Second Class
Miller, Augustus R., Seaman
Miller, Frank, Quartermaster, Third Class
Moffat, Archie E., Yeoman, Third Class
Monger, Orville R., Apprentice, Second Class
Morgado, Pedro J., Musician, Second Class
Morse, Frank L., Apprentice, Second Class
Mullen, Frank L., Coal Passer
Muller, Harry, Fireman, First Class
Mulvehill, Martin, Blacksmith
Murdock, Thomas P., Coal Passer
Murphy, James F., Ordinary Seaman
Murphy, William H., Bayman
Nash, William L., Fireman, First Class
Necesal, Arnold, Trumpeter, USMC
Newman, Walter V., Fireman, First Class
Nichols, Antone, Ordinary Seaman
Nichols, Arthur W., Coal Passer
Nicolai, Moritz A., Apprentice, Second Class
Norton, Hugh, Coal Passer
O'Brien, John F., Ship's Cook, Fourth Class
O'Connor, Daniel, Jr., Apprentice, Second Class
O'Connor, Timothy J., Machinist, First Class
O'Hanlon, Michael, Water Tender
O'Keefe, William, Coxswain
Olsen, Goodmon, Fireman, First Class
Olsen, Johannes, Water Tender
Olsen, Oscar, Seaman
Oppliger, August, Musician, Second Class
Orlandi, Andres, Musician, First Class
Orner, William, Chief Yeoman
Paech, Oscar, Ordinary Seaman
Palm, John, Apprentice, Second Class
Partington, Walter, Seaman
Patterson, John R., Apprentice, Second Class
Peacock, Edward R., Seaman
Peck, Walter A., Apprentice, First Class
Peppard, David H., Private, USMC
Percival, Arthur T., Chief Machinist
Peterson, Andrew, Private, USMC
Peterson, John, Seaman
Phillips, Cornelius F., Apprentice, Second Class
Pierpont, Frank, First Sergeant, USMC
Pluff, Philip, Landsman
Poe, Joseph, Private, USMC
Pramme, Charles, Fireman, Second Class
Quirk, John, Fireman, First Class
Ralph, John F., Private, USMC
Rasmussen, Louis, Coal Passer
Rees, George C., Coxswain
Regeth, Johann S., Ordinary Seaman
Reynolds, Frank P., Private, USMC
Richards, Edward, Private, USMC
Richards, John, Fireman, First Class
Richards, Thomas, Gunner's Mate, Second Class
Riciardelli, Rosario, Seaman
Riddle, George A., Ordinary Seaman
Robinson, James A., Ordinary Seaman
Rodney, Henry, Coxswain
Root, Thomas, Fireman, First Class
Roscher, Hermann, Musician, Second Class
Rucks, Warner M., Private, USMC
Ruley, Frank, Apprentice, Second Class
Ryan, William J., Apprentice, Second Class
Santry, William F., Apprentice, Second Class
Schefer, Emil, Apprentice, Second Class
Sexton, Francis J., Machinist, Second Class
Sexton, Patrick T., Fireman, Second Class
Shannon, George P., Fireman, Second Class
Sheehan, William C., Water Tender
Shipperd, John, Coxswain
Shockley, Clayton P., Ordinary Seaman
Showe, Harry, Mess Attendant
Shultz, Arthur E., Coal Passer
Silk, Charles, Chief Yeoman
Simpton, Walter, Landsman
Skinner, Alfonzo, Machinist, Second Class
Smallbone, Julius, Apprentice, Second Class
Smith, Fred L., Private, USMC
Smith, James, Fireman, First Class
Smith, John H., Corporal, USMC
Smith, Louis H., Coal Passer
Smith, Oscar P., Landsman
Snelgrove, Edward S., Coxswain
Solonen, Frank, Seaman
Spear, Thomas R., Apprentice, Second Class
Spearman, Frank, Fireman, First Class
Spruill, Asa, Seaman
St. Clair, Ivory J., Fireman, Second Class
Stafford, Thomas, Private, USMC
Stanley, Francis L., Musician, First Class
Stauek, Joseph, Corporal, USMC
Steele, Clarence W., Apprentice, First Class
Stemmer, Oliver, Fireman, Second Class
Stenicka, Joseph A., Bayman
Stephenson, George, Gunner's Mate, First Class
Stevens, Pleasant A., Machinist, First Class
Stone, William E., Ordinary Seaman
Stryker, Mark K., Landsman
Stryker, Ralph S., Landsman
Sutton, Garfield, Ordinary Seaman
Tanaka, Ukichi, Warrant Officer's Cook
Taylor, Charles C., Coal Passer
Tennison, Herbert A., Gunner's Mate, First Class
Thomas, Charles E., Private, USMC
Thompson, Harry, Apprentice, First Class
Thompson, William, Blacksmith
Ting, Ah, Wardroom Cook
Tobias, Dot O., Ordinary Seaman
Tomke, Edward, Gunner's Mate, First Class
Tong, Yu, Mess Attendant
Turnblad, Charles, Seaman
Turnbull Arthur, Apprentice, First Class
Turner, Ernest, Oiler
Turner, John, Chief Gunner's Mate
Tyler, Arthur V., Musician, Second Class
Umland, Amandus A., Coal Passer
Valianos, Niclis, Oiler
Vanderveer, Jean J., Yeoman, First Class
Vasocevich, John, Quartermaster, Third Class
Vogt, Frederick C., Apprentice, Second Class
Voy, Ah, Mess Attendant
Wagner, Frank, Fireman, First Class
Wahlborg, Aroid, Seaman
Walker, George, Seaman
Wallace, Levin J., Acting Gunner
Wallwork, Thomas, Coal Passer
Walser, Lewis J., Landsman
Walters, Christian P., Coxswain
Walters, William, Corporal, USMC
Ward, James, Musician, First Class
Warlow, Charles, Chief Yeoman
Wasserman, Arthur, Seaman
Waters, Charles, Ordinary Seaman
Watson, Lorenzo, Machinist, Second Class
Wenk, Harry B., Apprentice, Second Class
Wesner, James, Private, USMC
West, Albert A. M., Master-At-Arms, Third Class
Whapham, Frederick, Musician, Second Class
White, Frank C., Seaman
White, Ora, Seaman
Whitham, Charles E, Seaman
Whyler, Frank B., Gunner's Mate, Second Class
Williams, David, Seaman
Williams, Frank, Coal Passer
Williams, Gustave L., Seaman
Williams, Maurice, Seaman
Williams, Roger, Boatswain's Mate, Second Class
Wilson, David, Ordinary Seaman
Wilson, Hugh, Coal Passer
Wilson, Joseph, Private, USMC
Wing, Ah, Wardroom Steward
Winkler, George M., Apprentice, Second Class
Wood, William, Seaman
Woodworth, Albert L., Apprentice, Second Class
Wow, Yee, Mess Attendant
Wright, John W., Fireman, First Class
Yenawme, Kinney, Private, USMC
Yockish, Paul R., Apprentice, First Class
You, Ah, Mess Attendant
Zander, Edmund M., Apprentice, Second Class
Zeis, George B., Private, USMC


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