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Roster of the U. S. Marine Contingent

Serving Aboard the Auxiliary Cruiser Yankee

Contributed by Charles White

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This is a roster of the U.S. Marine contingent who served aboard the Auxiliary Cruiser YANKEE, during the Spanish American War. The majority of the remainder of her crew were Naval Militia

The Roster:


Pendleton, Joseph H  1st Lieut. Transferred July 12th
Frothingham, L. A  2nd Lieut. Joined July 14th
Hart, Benjamin  1st Sgt. Transferred August 24th
Clifford, Edward  1st Sgt. Joined Sept. 15th
Johnson, Robert  Sgt
Fuller, Jesse J   Sgt
Ayers, Harry C  Cpl
Eickman, Charles L  Cpl
Rutherford, Henry W  Cpl
Krause, Hugo   Cpl
Colton, Richaxd  Drummer
Smith, Charles A  Trumpeter
Ainsworth, George  Private


Bailey, William C.
Barnard, Benton
Boisseau, Hugh M.
Brous, Horace W.
Breen, Jeremiah
Cole, Frederick R.
Daley, Patrick J.
Davis, Harry
Fahey, Augustine J.
Flavin, Thomas
Gleason, Thomas
Graul, Randolph W.
Hall, John B.
Hardy, John F.
Hawkins, Oliver P.
Hecker, John
Hill, James E.
Howe, Harry M.
Kelly, Thomas
Kelly, John H.
Kelliher, Mort D.
Lamson, Charles D.
Leheney, John F.
Millican, Edward
McClory, Patrick
McNeill, John
Munden, Eugene D.
McMullen, William
McCarthy, John L.
Nolan, James
Niziolek, John
Quinlan, Edmund
Richardson, Herbert R.
Smith, William W.
Thornton, John W.
Weitz, Conrad
White, William E.
Wicklain, Richard
Wynne, Michael J.

Murray, John J., Cpl., died May 30, 1898, aboard U. S. S. Yankee.

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