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Hussars of Pavia


Cavalry Regiment Nº 20

by Francisco José Díaz Díaz
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This unit served in central Cuba during the Spanish American War.

Unit Size:

This regiment had four squadrons and one Staff detachment.
Size of Regiment: 39 officers, 520 men, 440 horses.
Losses: Not known
Location of service: 1st  squadron: Cuba; 2nd, 3rd and 4th squadrons: Spain.
Actions: No actions against American forces. Actions against Cuban forces at  Cabo Portero, Buenavista, Cadorro, Satibonco and Camanayagua.

Unit History:

Hussars of Pavia was named for a Spanish victory over the French army in 1525, at Pavia, near Milan, Italy. In this battle, Francisco I, King of France, was captured by Spanish Cavalry.

This regiment was created in 1684 by the Count of Melgar to serve in Spanish possessions in Italy. It fought in Italy during the War of Piamonte (1692-1695). When Spanish Succession War ended, it was transferred back to Spain. In 1719, the regiment was sent again to Italy until 1746. Then, it served in campaigns against Algerian pirates and sieges of Oran and Algiers. During the Spanish Independent War against Napoleon (1808-1814), the unit fought the Battles of  Bailén, Tudela, Velez, Talavera and Ocaña and the actions of Baza, Cuellar, Murviedro and Alacuas.

The regiment was involved in Cuban and Spanish-American Wars (1895-1898), Spanish Civil War (1936-1939), and Campaign of Ifni (1958). Ifni was a Spanish colony in North Africa that was attacked by irregulars from Morocco. At present, this regiment is named Regimiento Acorazado de Caballeria Pavia Nr 4 (Cavalry armored regiment Pavia nr 4) garrisoned in Zaragoza (Spain).


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