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The Roster of Ygnacio Osorio's Forces

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This is a partial roster of Spanish troops serving under General Jimenez Castellanos, and who fought at the Battle of Saratoga against the Cuban forces under Maximo Gomez on June 9-11, 1896. This roster was picked up by news correspondent Grover Flint after the battle. He was traveling with the Cuban forces. The roster is not complete.

The Roster:

"a la guerilla de Valasco Salido under Ygnacio Osoria"

1. Ygnacio [Ignacio] Osoria
2. Ygnacio Toledo
3. Felipe Gutierrez
4. Alfonso Toledo
5. Jose Escalona
6. Adelicio Avila
7. Felis Infante
8. Saturno Toledo
9. Andres Fernandez
10. Tomas Fera Hidalgo
11. Lorenso Rosas
12. Manuel Peres Coriun [?]
13. Miguel Aguilera
14. Antonio Leguas
15. Jose Augustin Aguilera
16. Leonardo Ramieres
17. Valerio Gonzalez
18. Gabriel Hernandez
19. Miguel Almaguel
20. Benito Almaguel
21. Armelio Almaguel
22. Juan Vicente Cruz
23. Jose Augistin Pena
24. Rafael Labrada
25. Flores Acayo
26. Benito Gonzalez
27. Jose Augustin Gonzalez
28. Jose Gonzalez
29. Gustavo Marino


Flint, Grover, Marching with Gomez. (New York: Lamsnon, Wolffe, and Company, 1898) 211-213.

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