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A Roster of Battery A, Oregon Volunteer Artillery

Contributed by Micah J. Jenkins Camp No. 164, Sons of Spanish American War Veterans, courtesy of Kenneth H. Robison II

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The following is a roster for Battery A, Oregon Light Artillery. The battery served its term of service within the continental U.S. during the war.

The Roster:


Greenleaf, Robert S., Capt., Age: 49
Bowman, Loren A., 1st Lt., Age: 28
Welch, Hiram U., 2nd Lt., Age: 29


Rehnstrom, S. E., 1st Sgt., Age: 22
Potter, Thaddeus S., Quartermaster Sgt., Age: 33
Sorensen, Andreas I., Veterinary Sgt., Age: 21
Benton, Edgar T., Age: 27
Ingeman, Andy, Age: 28
Jones, John M., Age: 27
Nendel, John W., Age: 24
Tompkins, Stephen L., Age: 32
Young, George D., Age: 31


Allen, Andrew D., Age: 20
Blessing, Fred W., Age: 22
Bradford, William J., Age: 33
Krumm, John R., Age: 21
La Dow, Herbert N., Age: 22
Schloth, Rudolph E., Age: 26
Staub, Rudolph R., Age: 29
Wells, Almon V., Age: 23
Zigler, Charles, Age: 21

Company Cook/Corporal:

Kreyer, Charles A., Age: 23


Walter, Wert D., Age: 24
Warlen, Gustav, Age: 35

Provost, Charles F., Age: 38


Evans, George E., Age: 30
Thiede, Mark E., Age: 24


Gilkey, Bert, Age: 22


Glessner, Joseph W., Age: 21
Tuffard, Norman E., Age: 24


Abbott, James D.M., Age: 23
Adams, Robert L., Age: 21
Asmus, John, Age: 28
Bailey, Henry P., Age: 26
Baird, George C., Age: 21
Ball, Edward J., Age: 29
Banfield, William H., Age: 21
Barton, Jesse S., Age: 21
Beatty, Richard F., Age: 25
Bigelow, Robert H., Age: 21
Blair, Prior F., Age: 21
Bockmann, Charles, Age: 22
Boruff, William H., Age: 30
Bryant, Arthur C., Age: 20
Burns, Fred H., Age: 21
Crider, John F., Age: 42
Donner, John L., Age: 20
Drake, Frederick W., Age: 26
Dubois, George E., Age: 20
Fitts, Fay M., Age: 33
Foley, Thomas J., Age: 25
Foree, James C., Age: 20
Foster, Albert S., Age: 43
Gault, Frederick L., Age: 24
Glover, Herbert S., Age: 21
Herrmann, George E., Age: 33
Hoyt, Elwell H., Age: 19
Kiernan, William E., Age: 20
Kirkman, Elbert A., Age: 18
Kruger, William E., Age: 21
Krupke, John P., Age: 21
Laurenz, John W., Age: 20
Lee, John A., Age: 21
Levins, Sampson, Age: 30
Liles, John R., Age: 30
Lindburg, Victor, Age: 20
Lischke, Frank F., Age: 28
Lyman, William P., Age: 33
Malehorn, Clinton, Age: 18
McGinn, William J., Age: 18
McIntosh, William W., Age: 25
Mealey, Karl S., Age: 21
Miller, William E., Age: 38
Naylor, Arthur M., Age: 19
Nelson, Lewis F., Age: 20
Nice, Charles W., Age: 26
Patterson, Ora R., Age: 19
Peppin, Walter F., Age: 23
Perkins, Thomas L., Age: 21
Peterson, Harry W., Age: 27
Pitts, James R., Age: 28
Pollard, Frank, Age: 26
Porter, Edward F., Age: 29
Powers, William N., Age: 21
Prasil, Adolph C., Age: 18
Price, George J., Age: 33
Randall, Frank I., Age: 23
Russell, William K., Age: 22
Smith, Bert J., Age: 20
Smith, Orr O., Age: 27
Snow, Frank A., Age: 24
Spurlock, Harry R., Age: 20
St. Rayner, John H., Age: 28
Stacks, Willis R., Age: 27
Stranahan, Robert O., Age: 18
Tusant, Nelson J., Age: 38
Vahl, Emil C., Age: 21
Van Winkle, Roy, Age: 18
Voight, Thomas, Age: 22
Welch, Harry, Age: 31
West, Thomas H., Age: 18
White, Andrew, Age: 24
Wicke, Paul A., Age: 19
Wickline, Oliver S., Age: 19
Wilson, Harry A., Age: 29
Wilson, Theodore M., Age: 19
Young, Norris J., Age: 26
Zeller, Frederick, Age: 32
Zimmerman Jr., Z., Age: 21


The Official Records of Oregon Volunteers in the Spanish American War and Philippine Insurrection. (Salem, Oregon: C.U. Gantenbein; J.R. Whitney, State Printer, 1903) 372 - 382.

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