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A list of Cemeteries Checked by the McSherry Family

(Generally only for the use of the various members of the family to avoid repeats! An asterisk (*) denotes the newest additions to the list)
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Antioch Baptist Church Cemetery, Sheep lane, Manor Township, Lancaster Co., PA

Bellevue Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Gap, PA
Bergstrasse Cemetery, Ephrata, Lancaster County, PA
Bethel A.M.E. Church Cemetery, Marietta, PA
Bethel Mennonite Church, Fulton Township, PA
Bethel Cemetery, near Shermansdale, Perry County, PA
Bethesda United Methodist Church Cemetery, Holtwood, PA
Bird-in-Hand United Methodist Church Cemetery, Bird-in-Hand, PA
Blue Church Cemetery, St. Peterís United Church of Christ, Ralpho Township
Boehmís Cemetery, Willow Street, PA
Byerland Mennonite Church Cemetery, Willow Street, PA

Carpenter Community Cemetery, Brownstown, PA
Cedar Hill Cemetery. Ephrata, Lancaster County, PA
Centerville Cemetery, Centerville, PA
Central Manor Cemetery (across from Central Manor Elementary School)
Chanceford Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Airville, PA
Clearfield Methodist Church Cemetery, Rawlinsville Road, Rawlinsville, PA
Clearview United Methodist Church, Providence Township, PA
Colemansville United Methodist Church, Colemanville, PA
Conestoga United Methodist Church Cemetery, Conestoga, PA
Cresswell Evangelical Congregational Church, Cresswell, PA
Cross Roads Brethren in Christ Church Cemetery, Mount Joy, PA

Drumore Friends Meeting House Cemetery, Liberty, Drumore Township, PA

*East Harrisburg Cemetery, Harrisburg, PA (partial)
East Petersburg Church of the Brethren Cemetery, East Petersburg, PA
Ebenezer United Methodist Church, Swatara Township, Dauphin County, PA
Eberly Cemetery, Lumber St., Mount Joy, PA

Fairview Cemetery, Denver Borough
Fairview Cemetery Annex, Denver Borough
Falmouth United Methodist Church, 4 Miles south of Middletown on Rt 441, Dauphin Co.

German Catholic Cemetery, 20th and Mahantongo Streets  Pottsville, Schuylkill
   County, PA
Good's Missionary Church Cemetery, Salunga,PA
Grace United Methodist Church Cemetery, Millersville, PA
Green Hill United Methodist Church Cemetery, Safe Harbor, PA
Greenwood Cemetery, (Spanish American War Veterans Plot only), Lancaster, PA

Haldeman Family Cemetery, Bainbridge, PA
Highville United Methodist Church, Highville, Manor Township, PA
Highspire Cemetery, Richardson Road, Lower Swatara Township, Dauphin Co., PA
Hoke Meeting House cemetery, Rt. 72, North of Quentin, Lebanon Co., PA
Hopewell, Clay Township, unnamed cemetery on E. Mt. Airy Road at Indian Run Road

Intercourse United Methodist Church Cemetery

Kutztown Cemetery (unnamed)(Kutztown Road and South Campus Drive, Kutztown, Berks Co., PA)*

Lancaster County Veterans Memorial Gardens, South Duke Street, Lancaster PA (partial check)
Landis Valley Mennonite Church Cemetery, Landis Valley/Oregon Pike
Landisville Mennonite Cemetery, Landisville, PA
Lincoln Cemetery, Lincoln, PA
Little Britain Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Little Britain Township

Maghpelah Cemetery, Lititz, PA
Marietta Cemetery, West Fairview Ave. and Old Colebrook Road, Marietta, PA
Masonville Mennonite Church Cemetery, Letort, PA
McKendree Methodist Church Cemetery, Airville, PA
Mechanic Grove Mennonite Church Cemetery, East Drumore Township, Lancaster County, PA
Mellinger Mennonite Cemetery, Lancaster, PA
Millersville Mennonite Church Cemetery, Millersville, Lancaster County, PA
Mohler Church of the Brethren Cemetery, Ephrata, PA
Moravian Cemetery, Lititz
Mount Carmel Cemetery, Littlestown, PA
Mount Joy Cemetery (Terrace Drive)(partial check)
Mount Pleasant Brethren in Christ Cemetery, Mount Joy Township, PA
Mt. Tunnel Cemetery, Elizabethtown, PA
Mt. Zion Cemetery, Ephrata Cloisters, Ephrata, PA
Mt. Zion Church, East Petersburg, PA

New Danville Mennonite Church (Old Church site, Shultz Road), New Danville, PA
New Danville Mennonite Cemetery, (New Church, New Danville Pike) New Danville, PA
New Providence Mennonite Cemetery, New Providence, PA
Nottingham Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery, West Nottingham Township, Chester County, PA

Oak Grove Church Cemetery, Ralpho Township, Northumberland County

Penn Hill Friends Meeting Cemetery, Wakefield
Pequea Brethren in Christ Church Cemetery (40 Church Road, Pequea Township, PA
Pine Grove Presbyterian Church Cemetery, 4263 Delta Road, York County
Pleasant View Church of the Brethren Cemetery, North Hopewell Township, York County, PA

Quarryville Cemetery, Quarryville, PA

Rawlinsville United Methodist Church Cemetery, Truce Road, Rawlinsville, PA
Risser Mennonite Church Cemetery, Elizabethtown Road, Milton Grove, PA
River Corner Church, Conestoga, PA
Riverview Cemetery, (American Legion Veterans Plot only), Lancaster, PA
Rohrerstown Cemetery, Walnut & Wood Streets, Rohrerstown, PA
Rohrerstown Mennonite Church Cemetery, Rohrerstown, PA

Safe Harbor United Church of Christ
Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery, Selinsgrove, Snyder County, PA
Salem Hellers United Church of Christ Cemetery, Horseshoe Road, near Leola, PA
Salunga Mennonite Cemetery, Salunga, PA
Shreiner - Concord Cemetery, Chestnut and Mulberry Streets, Lancaster, PA
Silver Spring Cemetery, Silver Spring, PA
Smithville Church of God, Smithville, PA
Stehman Memorial Church, Manor Township
Steinmetz Cemetery, Steinmetz Road, East of Schoeneck, West Cocalico Township
Stevens Greenland Cemetery, South Duke Street, Lancaster, PA
Stoverdale United Methodist Church, Hummelstown, PA
Strasburg Mennonite Cemetery, Strasburg, PA
St. Catherineís Cemetery, Quarryville, PA
St. Edwards Cemetery, Shamokin, Northumberland County
St. Mary's Cemetery, Charles Road, Manor Township
St. Mary's Cemetery, New Holland Ave., Lancaster, PA
St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church Cemetery, Safe Harbor, PA
St. Peter's Catholic Church, Columbia, PA
St. Peter's Roman Catholic Church Cemetery, Elizabethtown, PA
St. Stephens United Church of Christ Cemetery, New Holland, PA

Trinity Catholic Cemetery, Columbia, PA
Trinity Lutheran Church Cemetery, New Holland, PA

Union Cemetery, Selinsgrove, Snyder Co, PA
United Brethren in Christ Cemetery, New Holland, PA

Washington Boro Church of God, Washington Boro, PA
West Green Tree Church of the Brethren, Elizabethtown, PA
Willow Street Evangelical & Reformed Church Cemetery, Peach Bottom Road, Willow Street, PA
Willow Street Mennonite Cemetery, Willow Street, PA
Winterstown E. V. Cemetery, York Co., PA

Zion Church Cemetery, Millersville, PA
Zion Lutheran Church, East Petersburg, PA
Zion United Church of Christ Cemetery, New Providence, PA

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