The roster of the


During the Spanish American War

Contributed by Mark Dutton

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The following is a roster of the Torpedo Boat ERICSSON. The vessel was accompanying Rear Admiral William Sampson on the U.S.S. NEW YORK to Siboney the morning that the Spanish squadron under Admiral Cervera made its escape attempt from Santiago harbor (Battle of Santiago). The vessel raced back, but was not in time to take part in the battle. The vessel did, however, pick up survivors from the grounded Spanish vessels. All crewmen on the vessel were awarded the Specially Meritorious Service Medal for their work to save Spanish crewmen

The Roster:


Usher, Nathan R., Lt.
Edie, John R., Ensign
Hannigan, John J., Ensign

Enlisted men:

Agnew, James H., Fireman, 1st Class
Calango, Water Tender
Center, James H. W., Seaman
Corino, Jacobus J., Chief Machinist
Doherty, James K., Oiler
Hepburn, David, Chief Gunner’s Mate
Hill, John, Fireman, 1st Class
Hollingsworth, Daniel J., Gunner’s Mate, 2nd Class
Maywald, Albert O., Seaman
McNalley, John B., Oiler
Minster, Maurice C., Seaman
Otsuka, Shiroshi, Cabin Steward
Rogers, Harry D., Quartermaster, 2nd Class
Roll, Leonard, Gunner’s Mate, 1st Class
Russell, Robert H., Water Tender
Shosuke, Tanaka, Ship’s Cook, 1st Class
Smith, Alvah M., Gunner’s Mate, 2nd Class
Van Castern, Emile, Quartermaster, 1st Class
Wingate, Clarence M., Chief Machinist


Strandberg, LTC John E.,  and Roger James Bender, The Call of Duty.  2nd Edition (San Jose, CA: R. James Bender Publishing, 2004)

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