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1918 Roster of

Surviving Veterans of the Spanish American War

Living in Buffalo County, Nebraska

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The following is a roster of the surviving veterans of the Spanish American War who were living in Buffalo County, Nebraska in 1917-1918. Each veteran's address or hometown is also provided. 

The Roster:

E. W. Allen, Kearney
Frank Berber, Pleasanton
Henry F. Brown, Litchfield
Ed Bernert, No. 1, Riverdale
John L. Bronson, Amherst
E. J. Carson, Kearney
R. O. Day, Miller
Geo. Dill, Ravenna
T. H. Fowler, Ravenna
S. E. Grosh, Kearney
Dallas Henderson, No. 1, Kearney
M. A. Hoover, Kearney
Dr. H. N. Jones, Kearney
Venzens Kreutzer, Pleasanton
J. C. La Cornu, Kearney
G. W. Lawson, Shelton
 G. W. Mueller, No. 5, Kearney
J. P. Morris, Kearney
F. C. Moore, Ravenna
D. Martindale, Kearney
C. H, Petty, Kearney
Clinton Pake, No. 1, Poole
T. A. Pickeral, Kearney
M. A. Prideaux, Elm Creek
E. Quillen, Ravenna
A. E. Soderquist, Kearney
Wm. Snowden, Kearney
A. M. Sharman, Kearney
P. J. Templeton, Ravenna
James Wadley, Gibbon
G. W. Wilson, No. 5. Kearney


Buffalo County Booster (Miller, Nebraska: Twin City Sun, 1918)

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