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At the Battle of Santiago

Information Contributed by Ed Donnell; Transcribed by Patrick McSherry

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Naval Crew ||| Marine Guard
The following is a transcription of a handwritten roster of the crew of the Armored Cruiser BROOKLYN . The transcription requires interpretation of a list in which the handwriting was not necessarily clear. In addition, some names appear to have been spelled phonetically. Therefore, "Jentz" could be "Jens," etc.

The roster is broken into two sections - Naval Crew and Marine Guard

The Roster:

Naval Crew:

Abbott, J., Landsman
Albrecht, Aug., Seaman
Allen, John, Fireman, 1st Class
Allen, Walter, Watertender
Anderfuhren, A., Painter
Anderson, A. A., Seaman
Anderson, A. F., C. S.
Anderson, John, Seaman
Anderson, K. J., Seaman
Anderson, Neils, Quartermaster, 1st Class
Arnster, Jacob, Fireman, 1st Class
Aronson, G., Fireman, 2nd Class
Askerland (?), Gunners mate, 2nd Class
Austin, M., Coal passer
Babrock, A. W., Yeoman
Baffa (Biifa?), M. A., W. R. Cook
Bailey, H. B., Machinist, 2nd Class
Banks, G. M., Coal passer
Barker, ?. F., Fireman, 1st Class
Bartlett, J. H., Machinist, 2nd Class
Beckman, E.(?), S. C. (Ships’ Cook), 4th Class
Bellenlale, N. L., Coxswain
Berkeley, S. A., Coal passer
Berry, G. A., Fireman, 2nd Class
Bolinabrook, Jos. (Jas.?), Coxswain
Borman, H., Fireman, 2nd Class
Brady, Victor, Apprentice, 1st Class
Brewer, J., Apprentice, 1st Class
Briggs, Solomon, M.A., 1st Class
Brown, J. H., Blacksmith
Brown, J. T., Coal passer
Brown, W. J., Mess Attendant
Buch, M. C., Yeoman
Burke, Alonzo, Chief Machinist
Burke, C. W., Machinist, 2nd Class
Burke, W., Gunners mate, 2nd Class
Burns, Jas., Fireman, 1st Class
Campbell, E. A., Apprentice, 1st Class
Carr, William, Oiler
Carson, D. W., Fireman, 2nd Class
Casey, Thomas, Watertender
Cassun, Frank, Oiler
Christianson, J. C., Seaman
Christianson, ?., Seaman
Clark, E. A., Apprentice, 1st Class
Clark, Charles, Coal passer
Clark, Charles, S. C. (Ships’ Cook), 2nd Class
Clark, George, Quartermaster, 1st Class
Clerding, George, Chief Machinist
Coffey, D. L., Coal passer
Coleman, H., Ordinary Seaman
Coleman, W. H., Fireman, 1st Class
Collins, J. H., Apprentice, 1st Class
Colwell, E. J., Machinist, 1st Class
Cooper, Frank, Fireman, 1st Class
Cook, J. J., Coxswain
Cooper, W. O., Machinist, 1st Class
Cordes, William, Landsman
Corless, Anthony, Machinist, 1st Class
Craven, Thomas, Chief Machinist
Crinstell (Trinstell?), E., Mess Attendant
Cronin, John, Seaman
Cully, L. V., Apprentice, 1st Class
Cummins, G. H., Machinist, 2nd Class
Cuniff, J., Landsman
Cunningham, J. A., Coal passer
Daley, Patrick, Coxswain
Dallow, Arthur, Seaman
Dalton, H., Fireman, 2nd Class
Dalton, Robert, Seaman
Davis, George, Shipwright
DeHaven, W. W., Seaman
Deming (Diming?), J. A., Fireman, 1st Class
Denny, G. H., Coal passer
Diggins, D. F., Chief Gunner’s Mate
Dixon, H. A., Landsman
Dohm, John, Watertender
Dolan, W. J., Apprentice, 1st Class
Donely, Stephen, Chief Gunner’s Mate
Donohue, C. J., Apprentice, 1st Class
Doran, C., Seaman
Downy, John, Coal passer
Doyle, John, Watertender
Driver, S. H., Oiler
Drummond, W. J., Apprentice, 1st Class
Duick, J., Apprentice, 1st Class
Duncombe, P., Coal passer
Dwyer, J. H., Fireman, 2nd Class
Edwards, G., Landsman
Ellenberg, J., Apprentice, 1st Class
Erymel, Edward, Gunners Mate, 3rd Class
Eschenbacher, E., Landsman
Feeley, John, C.C.M.
Feeley, T., Fireman, 2nd Class
Ferebach, C., Coal passer
Finlayson, W., Ordinary Seaman
Finn, S? K., Apprentice, 1st Class
Finn, William, Coal passer
Fitzgerald, T. D., Carpenters (?) Mate, 1st Class
Flannery, M., Coal passer
Fletcher, R. D., Mess Attendant
Foster, John, Coal passer
Freeman, William, Fireman, 2nd Class
Friedberg(?), ?, Seaman
Frumoto, S., W. O. Steward
Gallagher, J. A., Apprentice, 1st Class
Gallagher, John, Painter
Galpin (?), John, Coal passer
Garshes (?), D. J., Apprentice, 1st Class
Gaynor, Benjamin, Machinist, 1st Class
Gilbert, J. H., Oiler
Gilholey, C. H., Chief Machinist
Gilhooley, Charles, Coal passer
Girandy, A., Seaman
Giraso, John, Fireman, 1st Class
Givins, H., Gunners Mate, 2nd Class
Goodwin, R. J., Machinist, 2nd Class
Goodwin, T. L., Apprentice, 1st Class
Gorst, Fred., Apprentice, 1st Class
Greaves, W. A., Landsman
Greenwod, A. E., Landsman
Gribbin, P., Fireman, 2nd Class
Griffin, John, Seaman
Griswold, J. M., Ordinary Seaman
Gronnald (?), Carl, Fireman, 1st Class
Gurgart, Aug., Oiler
Gustafson, L. O., Seaman
Gustafson, O. W., Seaman
Guy, L.(?) P., Landsman
Hachtman, A. C. (?), Apprentice, 1st Class
Haggerty, Edw., Fireman, 1st Class
Hahkonen, G. A., Ordinary Seaman
Haines, D. H., M.A., 2nd Class
Halvorsen, C., Quartermaster, 3rd Class
Hamilton, C. E., Coal passer
Hanen, S. R., Coal passer
Hansen, Daniel, Seaman
Hansen, F., Gunners Mate, 2nd Class
Harmon, George, Apprentice, 1st Class
Harold, J., Apprentice, 1st Class
Harper, William, Coal passer
Harrington, M. M., Oiler
Harrington, P. J., Fireman, 2nd Class
Harris, W., Mess Attendant
Harry, D. W., Machinist, 2nd Class
Haudy (Hardy?), Joseph, Fireman, 1st Class
Hicklin, W. L., Yeoman
Hill, Charles, Apprentice, 1st Class
Hill, O. S., Coal passer
Hillman, John, Oiler
Hills, Willie, Fireman, 1st Class
Holden, H. M., Apprentice, 1st Class
Holland, W. J., Fireman, 2nd Class
Howard. J. O., Seaman
Hunt, W. T., Mess Attendant
Hurley, William, S.M.M.
Hutchinson, G. J., Landsman
Hutchinson, H. G., Ordinary Seaman
Ice, R. W., Coal passer
Iwill, Jere, Watertender
Jackson, J., Seaman
Jackson, W. S., Seaman
Jacobson, John, Seaman
Jansen, C., Boatswains Mate, 1st Class
Jarna, Stephen, Boatswains Mate, 1st Class
Jenkins, Thomas, Gunners Mate, 3rd Class
Jentz, Otto, Landsman
Johnson, A. H., Fireman, 2nd Class
Johnson, G., Mess Attendant
Johnson, Gustof, Seaman
Johnson, O. B., Seaman
Jones, O. C., Chief Machinist
Jones, R. L., Mess Attendant
Kabayashi, R., Mess Attendant
Kahler, J., Ordinary Seaman
Karch, J. P., (Ships’ Cook), 4th Class
Karl, S., Coal passer
Katayama, T., Cook
Kelley, Charles, Landsman
Kellog, H., Seaman
Kelly, W. H., Coxswain
Kennedy, J., Ordinary Seaman
Keogh, G. W., Machinist, 1st Class
Kettles, A. V., Machinist, 2nd Class
King, R. W., Ordinary Seaman
Kinlon, J. J., Apprentice, 1st Class
Knight, R., Mess Attendant
Koelblein, M., Quartermaster, 3rd Class
Kramer, Emil, Seaman
Kroft (Knight?), George, Apprentice, 1st Class
Lally, T. H., (Ships’ Cook), 4th Class
Larringer, George, Apprentice, 1st Class
Larsen, A., Seaman
Lavoe, Charles, Landsman
Law, Eugene, Landsman
Leahy, Joseph, Fireman, 1st Class
Lee, Richard, Yeoman
Lee, ?, Seaman
Leonard, W. J., Coal passer
Lindsay, J., Seaman
Lindsay, R L., Machinist, 1st Class
Lintz, F., Machinist, 1st Class
Lomellino, J. J., W. R. Steward
Lucy, J., Boatswains Mate, 2nd Class
Lynch, W. J., Fireman, 2nd Class
Maddock, T. F., Coal passer
Maley (Moley?), John, Landsman
Mann, Alex., Apprentice, 1st Class
Marshall, F., Coal passer
Mason, A. V., Yeoman, 2nd Class
Mattiniason, F, Gunners Mate, 3rd Class
Mayers, C., Fireman, 2nd Class
McBride, J., Apprentice, 1st Class
McCarty, Jere, Oiler
McCoffey, George, Fireman, 2nd Class
McCormack, J., Coal passer
McCoy, A., Fireman, 1st Class
McCreary, A., Landsman
McDean, Joseph, Fireman, 2nd Class
McDonald, F., Coal passer
McDonald, J. J., Apprentice, 1st Class
McDonald, William, Coal passer
McDonough, J., Fireman, 1st Class
McFarland, William, Landsman
McGill, Patrick, Apprentice, 1st Class
McGrath, George, Landsman
McGrath, T. J., Oiler
McIntyre, T. L., Landsman
McKay, C., Coal passer
McKay, D., Coal passer
McKee, Jos. (Jas.), Apothecary
McKenzie, W. L., Machinist, 1st Class
McLean, E. C., Machinist, 2nd Class
McMahon, J., Coal passer
McMahon, T. W., Fireman, 2nd Class
McMannany, N., Landsman
McMurray, Henry, Oiler
McSweeny, D., Blacksmith
Mealey, W., Coal passer
Meier, A. H., Coxswain
Meiyer, Carl, S. C. (Ships’ Cook), 2nd Class
Merkel, C. D., Coal passer
Miller, ? , Oiler
Miller, C. H., Ordinary Seaman
Miller, C. J., Boatswains Mate, 2nd Class
Miller, J. I., Apprentice, 1st Class
Milton, N. J., Landsman
Minor, C. E., Fireman, 1st Class
Minor, J. C., Apprentice, 1st Class
Miyago, K., Mess Attendant
Moore, Joseph, Landsman
Moore, M. J., Fireman, 1st Class
Moran, J. F.?, Fireman, 1st Class
More, Otto, Watertender
Morgan, J. E., Landsman
Morris, B., Landsman
Morrissey, L., Coxswain
Morrissey, William, Landsman
Mullen, George, Bugler
Mulloy, S. P., Landsman
Murphy, John, Oiler
Murray, A., Landsman
Murray, C., Seaman
Myers, J., Landsman
Neagle, D. P., Apprentice, 1st Class
Neilson, Neils, Gunners Mate, 1st Class
Nelson, C. L., Seaman
Newsom, Thomas, Fireman, 2nd Class
Nobryoshi, N., Steerage Steward
Norman, S. C., Coal passer
O’Brien, P. F., Coal passer
O’Connell, D. J., Chief Quartermaster
O’Lanson, John, C.M.A.
O’Sullivan, P., Fireman, 1st Class
Olson, Thore, Boatswains Mate, 1st Class
Ormsby, J. C., P & T
Otton, Fritz, Seaman
Overuth (?), I. O., Ordinary Seaman
Padsmore, E. F., Bayman
Page, C. S., Fireman, 1st Class
Pearson, C. W., Seaman
Pearson, Thomas, Oiler
Person, R. Y.,  Shipwright
Petterson, C. F., Chief Boatswain’s Mate
Pettersen, G. M., Seaman
Phillips, C. L., Chief Machinist
Phillips, M., Coal passer
Pratt, J. W., Fireman, 1st Class
Pugh, C. F., Coal passer
Reid, J. W., Seaman
Reynolds, J., Fireman, 2nd Class
Rhoads, W. S., Coxswain
Riddick, W. H., Fireman, 1st Class
Riggs, J. J., Coal passer
Rivers, E., Landsman
Rogers, H., Coal passer
Rowe, Chas., Landsman
Russ, ?, Carpenter’s Mate, 2nd Class
Sangi, Goto, Mess Attendant
Sawicki, John, Seaman
Schaub, Fred, Ordinary Seaman
Schilasky, C., Seaman
Schnitzer, J., Seaman
Schultze, Gus, Gunners Mate, 1st Class
Schwartz, C. F., Quartermaster, 2nd Class
Scourse, J., Seaman
Scudder, H., Ordinary Seaman
Shaw, W. F., Watertender
Shea, Barth, Coal passer
Shelton, Charles, S. C. (Ships’ Cook), 1st Class
Silva, Charles, Coal passer
Smith, G., Seaman
Smith, J. H., Gunners Mate, 3rd Class
Smith, P. C., Fireman, 2nd Class
Smith, T. E., Landsman
Smith, Thomas, Coal passer
Smith, T. J., Ordinary Seaman
Smith, W. M., Gunners Mate, 3rd Class
Snodgrass, W. F., Boatswains Mate, 1st Class
Spear, J. H., Boatswains Mate, 2nd Class
Stanton, C. E., Landsman
Stockinger, A. W., Landsman
Storm, -- G., Gunners Mate, 1st Class
Story, R., Apprentice, 1st Class
Stratton, S., Coal passer
Strutberger, A. E., Apprentice, 1st Class
Stuart, T. D., Apprentice, 1st Class
Sullivan, F. H., Coal passer
Sullivan, I.(?), J., Fireman, 1st Class
Sullivan, John, Watertender
Swanson, A., Fireman, 2nd Class
Swanson, H., Ordinary Seaman
Sweeney, J. F., Boilermaker
Swift, C. E., Seaman
Sykes, J. H., Mess Attendant
Tarbuck, W. H., Coxswain
Taylor, C. J., Coal passer
Thomas, K, Seaman
Thompson, David, Master-at Arms
Thompson, F. M., Yeoman, 1st Class
Thompson, H., Chief Boatswain’s Mate
Thompson, H. J., Coal passer
Thumond, William, Fireman, 1st Class
Tierney, H., Fireman, 2nd Class
Tolley, W. F., Coal passer
Tolson, G. A., Mess Attendant
Tolson, W. R., Landsman
Tucker, H. C., Printer
Van Winkle, H., Apprentice, 1st Class
Vogt, H., (Ships’ Cook), 4th Class
Volkman, H., Coxswain
Wagner, J. F., Apprentice, 1st Class
Walden, S., Gunners Mate, 3rd Class
Walsh, T. F.(?), Machinist, 2nd Class
Warfield, R., Fireman, 2nd Class
Warwick, A.D., Boatswains Mate, 2nd Class
Welfare, J. A., Ordinary Seaman
Welsh, J., Landsman
Werner, E. W., Carpenters Mate, 3rd Class
West, J. T., Coal passer
Westfield, W. W., Coal passer
Whalen, J. W., Apprentice, 1st Class
Whidding(?), C. H., Gunners Mate, 2nd Class
White, Ernest, Seaman
White, George, Coal passer
Whiting, P. A., Apprentice, 1st Class
Whorley, C., Apprentice, 1st Class
Wilber, James, Landsman
Wilkinson, A. M., Boilermaker
Williams, J., Coxswain
Williams, K., Coal passer
Williams, L., Seaman
Williams, S. A., Cook to Commodore(?)
Williamson, D., Fireman, 2nd Class
Winston, R. H., Mess Attendant
Woods, R. P., Coal passer
Wright, A., Seaman
Wright, Steward to Commodore(?)
Wrinn, J. J., Quartermaster, 3rd Class
Yamamoto, T., Cabin Cook
Yamashita, H., Cabin Steward
Yumane, T., Steerage Cook

Marine Guard:

Ahearne, P., Pvt.
Anderberg, R., Pvt.
Anderson, Samuel, Pvt.
Brennan, G. F., Pvt.
Brennan, J. J., Pvt.
Bristow, A. B., Sgt.
Cable, C. E., Pvt.
Clark, C. C., Pvt.
Clayton, R. A., Pvt.
Collings, Patrick, Pvt.
Coombs, H. L., Pvt.
Cooper, J. E., Pvt.
Daly, M. H., Pvt.
Darks, T. F., Pvt.
DeBlois, Henry, Pvt.
Dettmerer, A. J., Cpl.
Doyle, J. P., Cpl.
Enright, M., Pvt.
Eyre, W. H., Pvt.
Fitzgerald, James, Pvt.
Flynn, P. H., Pvt.
Gagnon, Joseph, Pvt.
Garfield, J. W., Pvt.
Gray, Robert, Cpl.
Harvey, E. H., Pvt.
Henry, C. A., Pvt.
Hill, Henry, Pvt.
Ingalls, O. H., Sgt.
Kelley, John, Pvt.
Lynch, M., Pvt.
Manning, J. J., 1st Sgt.
Matson, L., Pvt.
MacNeal, H. L., Pvt.
McDevitt, D., Sgt.
McIntyre, J. H., Pvt.
Montair, William, Sgt.
Murphy, P. V., Pvt.
Murray, C. W., Pvt.
O’Connor, H., Pvt.
O’Donnell, M. O., Pvt.
O’Donnell, P., Pvt.
Osterman, O., Pvt.
Palmer, G. M., Pvt.
Parker, R. L., Pvt.
Pray, A. E., Pvt.
Rall, J. M., Pvt.
Regan, John, Pvt.
Richmond, Jos. (Jas.?), Pvt.
Roche, F. A., Pvt.
Rooney, J. J., Pvt.
Ryan, M. J., Pvt.
Sanjuile(?), E., Pvt.
Schadee, J. F., Pvt.
Seder, Oscar, Pvt.
Smith, J. A., Pvt.
Sparewold, George, Pvt.
Stockbridge, V. D., Pvt.
Straw (Shaw?), J. P., Pvt.
Stuart, Frank, Fifer
Sullivan, C. W., Pvt.
Sullivan, Tim, Pvt.
Wetmore, W. W., Pvt.
White, C. R., Pvt.
Wirmer, S. B., Pvt.
Woodsman, William, Pvt.
Wursenberg (Weirsenberg?), M., Drummer

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