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The Roster of the 6th U.S. Volunteer Infantry

Contributed by Jeff Berry
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Below is a partial roster of the Sixth U.S.Volunteer Infantry. Should you have rosters of companies of the regiment, please consider contributing the data to this page by clicking here.

The Roster:

Field and Staff:

Tyson, Laurence D., Col.
Rowan, Andrew S., Lt. Col.
Whittaker, Spear, Maj.
Devine, Paul E, Maj.

VanDeventer, Hugh L., 1st Lt., Adjutant
Robinson, F. P., Maj., Chief Surgeon
Cox, J. W. , 1st Lt., Assistant Surgeon
Massey, Z. D., 1st Lt., Assistant Surgeon
Phillips, John W., Capt., Chaplain

Company A:

Jobe, Ike  T., Capt.
Dennis, Lou R., 1st Lt.
Whitson, George W., 2nd Lt.

Company B:

Penny, W. B., Capt.
Davis, Thomas A., 1st Lt.
Harris Lindsey, Harris, 2nd Lt.

Company C:

Hooper, B. W., Capt.
Fuller, John T. , 1st Lt..
Tilson, John Q., 2nd Lt.

Company D:

Henderson, W. D., Capt.
Peck, Thomas F., 1st Lt.
Barton, R. M., 2nd Lt..
Humes, Andrew Russell, 2nd Lt.

Company E:

Gillenwaters, W. H., Capt.
Gregg, F. H., 1st Lt.
Trent, Grant, 2nd Lt.

Company F:

Wadsworth, C. W., Capt.
Clark, Jas. T., 1st Lt.
Brown, A. J., Jr. , 2nd Lt.

Company G:

Hicks, Xen, Capt.
Maloney, Frank, 1st Lt.
Sizer, Harry A., 2nd Lt.

Company H:

Baird, Winston, Capt.
Carter, Edgar R., 1st Lt.
Williams, C. C., 2nd Lt.

Company I:

McDowell, D. E. , Capt.
Greer, Autrey, 1st Lt.
Houk, E. E., 2nd Lt.

Company K:

Fox, Oliver E., Capt.
French, J. Baird, 1st Lt.
Park, James W., 2nd Lt.

Company L:

Bowers, James J., Capt.
Murphy, Frank E., 1st Lt.
Rogers, Samuel F., 2nd Lt.

Company M:

Evans, Charles R., Capt.
Milton, George F., 1st Lt.
Case, F. L., 2nd Lt


 Berry, Jeff - Roster of officers and regimental staff.

Humes, Greg - Info. on Andrew Russell Humes; Company confirmed via Index to U.S. Pension Records, National Archives

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