A Partial Roster of the 5th U.S. Infantry

Contributed by Sid Thurston 
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Below is a partial roster for the 5th U.S. Infantry. If you have rosters of additional companies you would like to contribute, please do so by visiting our information contribution page.

The Roster:

Company M:

Lorenzo P. Davison - Captain


First, Thomas B. Kennedy
Q. M., John Croft
David E. Glass
Joseph M. Curtis
Charles L. Hale
August Krummel
Joseph H. Munyon
Charles Roeper


Henry W. Blake
Franklin P. Bushey
David H. Edwards
Harry Rohrich
Charles V. McCarley
George A. Harper
James W. Tweedy
Matthew G. Begg


James Hart
James A. Inman


Johan Kampe


Joseph A. Paul
Ernest Renner


Allen, Harry T
Alley, Richard S
Alley, Guss
Angel, Samuel R.
Arnaut, McCauley E
Baron, Joseph T
Baker, Clarence D
Bates, Thomas
Boss, Christian A
Brandt, William J
Brandstatter, Edward
Brennan, Michael
Burk, John
Butts, Wallace
Buze, Egbert A
Cartwright, Charles W
Carpenter, Albert
Castello, Frank
Coburn, Charles D
Cocklin, Jacob H
Coulton, Frederick A
Coyle, John W
Clark, Stephen A
Cramer, Howard R
Cramer, Milton R
Creamer, Harold S
Crawford, William
Culhane, Thomas
Davis, Arthur
Elsworth, Benjamin E
Feager, Fred T
Falvey, Phillip
Finley, William
Flaherty, James F
Fletcher, William H
Fountian, Simon
Gebhardt, Charles J
German, John H
Gooden, William M
Hanley, Austin J
Hale, Charles W
Hanselmann, William A
Harding, James O
Harper, Albert A
Harris, Harry A
Heidgers, Antoney
Hurst, Joseph
Hurst, Noah A
Hutchins, George A
Hroch, William
Jasami, John
Keheley, David D
Krone, Gustave
Kush, Henry
Lane, Thomas F
Lemmon, David
Lothrop, Louis J
Louck, Albert I
Long, Leslie S
Malcolm, John
Marston, Frank
Mercer, Howard G
McCarthy, Daniel D
Miller, George
Miller, John H
Murray, Edward S
Mevers, Charles
Meyers, Charles
Owen, George E
Pavis, John
Pelfrey, Joseph S
Pulliam, Paul
Raftery, Thomas P
Savage, George H
Scott, William F
Scrivener, Benjamin
Sharpe, Floyd W
Shattuck, Arthur W
Schug, Charles T
Shannon, John W
Smith, Edward A
Sigg, Charles F
Schuessler, Frank S
Speck, Christian F
Sokup, Joseph
Spencer, Clifton
Stout, Howard A
Swope, Henry
Swarts, Michael C
Schwenk, Albert B
Stoltz, William A
Thurston, Edward
Versprilla, John P
Walters, Jeremiah
Warden, Harry L
Weiss, Hampton J
Weller, Robert P
Workman, James R

Roll of Honor:

Corporal NOBLE G. RHODES, died June 29, 1899, Santiago de Cuba, yellow fever.
Corporal FREDERICK L. JOHNSON, died July 12, 1899, Santiago de Cuba, yellow fever.
Private DANIEL S. BECK, died June 29, 1899, Santiago de Cuba, yellow fever.
Private FREDERICK W SNELLING, died July 4, 1899, Santiago de Cuba, yellow fever.
Private PATRICK MANNING, died July 8, 1899, Santiago de Cuba, yellow fever.
Private LON G STUMON, died September 19, 1901, Pidigan, Luzon, P. I., small-pox.


Memorial Roster of the 5th U.S. Infantry, Co. M (Private Collection).

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