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A Roster of the 4th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry

Contributed by Patrick McSherry

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Field and Staff ||| Company B  ||| Company D


The 4th Pennsylania Volunteer Infantry served in the Puerto Rico during the war. This is a partial roster. If you have rosters of additional companies, please contact us to contribute the information.

The Roster:

Field and Staff:

Christopher T. O’Neill, Lieutenant Colonel
W. D. Mickley, Major
Morris F. Cawley, Chief Regimental Surgeon
Frank D. Beary, Battalion Adjutant and Regimental Commissary
J. Howard Martz, Sergeant Major
Harry Bower, Quartermaster Sergeant

Company B:


James A. Medlar, Captain, Allentown
Charles D Rhoads, First Lieutenant, Allentown
Orlando C. Miller, Second Lieutenant, Allentown


Edward D. Fried, First Sergeant, Allentown
Oswell W. Riedy, Quartermaster Sergeant, Allentown
Desch, Wilson, Allentown
Weiss, William F., Allentown
Wieand, Grorge W., Allentown
Wollmuth  R. Otto, Allentown


Rex, George A., Allentown
Spangi,Er, Lewis S., Allentown
Wieand, James F., Allentown
Bower, William F., Allentown
Newhard, J. F. Allen, Allentown
Smith, William H., Catasauqua
Ruch, William A., Allentown
Christ, Harry L., Allentown
Frantz, Orange M., Emaus
Lambert, Harry A., Catasauqua
Thomas, John Williams, Hokendauqua
Weaver, Ralph S., Catasauqua


Knecht, George J., Pottsville
Stevenson, Huge G., Jr., Pottsville
Peters, Joseph F., Pottsville


Abel, Frederick J., Allentown
Abbott, John B., East Allentown
Adams, Harry, Lebanon
Applegate, Roy, Catasauqua
Balliet, Harry C. A., Allentown
Bartholomew, Frank J., Allentown
Brown, Guv P., Allentown
Buckland, William S., Hokendauqua
Bloss, John W., South Bethlehem
Banghardt, Frank D., Allentown
Benson, William J., Allentown
Becker, Frederick, Allentown
Brown, Solomon K., Fleetwood
Connolly, Albert G., Bethlehem
Cox, W. Wetherill, Bethlehem.
Clader, Charles E., East Allentown
Campbell, Charles H., Bethlehem
Confer, Percival, Allentown
Eiliott, Harry H., Allentown
Epp, Adam J., Allentown
Fenstermaker, Clinton, Allentown
Frederici, Ray A., Allentown
Frantz, Robert E., Bethlehem
Frantz, Harvey J., Bethlehem
Gaugler, Howard E., Allentown
Geist, Victor H., Mountainville
Gehring, Morris, Allentown
Gross, Ernest H., Allentown
Gallmoyer, John F., Reading
Ginkinger, Tilgeman H., Allentown
Garnet, Leidy J., Allentown
Goreen, Edward, Allentown
Hall, Franz, Allentown
Hammar, S. A. Sten, Bethlehem
Held, Harvey J., Allentown
Hertzog, Peter J., Allentown
Hohe, William Allentown
Hagenbach, Allen W., Mertztown
Hrrse, Henry F., Allentown
Hildenburger, Frank D., South Bethlehem
Helwig, Joen R., Allentown
Hafner, George E., Bethlehem
Hager, Frank, Lanark
Hoats, Edwin, Alientown
Keener, Albert J. W., Allentown
Kramlich, Franklin L, Weaversville
Kahler, John P., Allentown
Kunkle, William, Allentown
Kramer, Albert, Allentown
Kerschner, Raymond, Coplay
Lloyd, Edmund C., Bethlehem
Lutz, George W., Steinsville
Lynn, Frank H., Allentown
Leidy, Austin W., Bethlehem
Leidy, Newton W., Bethlehem
Laudenslager, Francis H., Allentown
Lawskowski, Clement J., Allentown
Labold, William, Allentown
Martz, Robert L., Allentown
Mattern, Charles A., Allentown
Mest, Robert R., Allentown
Miller, Robert W., Allentown
Moyer, Calvin C. M., Allentown
Moyer Joen H., Allentown
Miller, Charles E., Allentown
McMahon, David S., Hokendauqua
Nikalai, Herman, Allentown
Naiel, Herman F., Allentown
Pierce, William, Steinsville
Reichard, Fred H., Allentown
Schick, John L., Jr., Catasauqua
Schreiber, Frank W., Hosensack
Seislove, Frank, Allentown
Steinberger, George S., Allentown
Schlicher, Char Les B., Allentown
Smith, Paul, Allentown
Schantz, Paul E., Allentown
Thomas, John William, Catasauqua
Tilton, Paul J., Catasauqua
Trump, William A., Emaus
Weaver, Thaddeus H., Bethlehem
Weibel, Henry C., Catasauqua
Walters, Philip, Catasauqua
Ward, Walter, Allentown
Wording John P., Allentown
Yates, David S., Catasauqua

Company D:


Charles Spangler, Captain,  Allentown

Evan S. Witemeyer, First Lieutenant,  Allentown
Samuel J. Chubbuck, Second Lieutenant,  Allentown


Martin O'Loughlin, First Sergeant,  Allentown
George H. Shillinger, Quartermaster Sergeant,  Allentown
Hamersly, George F.,  Allentown A
Amey, Elmer A.,  Allentown
Keck, Edwin R.,  Allentown
Neff, Oscar C,  Allentown

Witemeyer, William C., Allentown
Miller, Oliver E., Allentown
Moerder, Richard H.,  Allentown
Rose, Edward G.,  Allentown
Weider, George W.,  Allentown
Knauss, Morris W., Mountainville
Dietrich, Harry,  Allentown
Keinert, Oscar H.,  Allentown
Koch, Wellington, Allentown,
McNulty, Barney, Allentown
Roberts, John J. Slatington.
Wetherhold, John C., Catasauqua


Potts, John C., Pottsville
Quinn, Robert A., Pottsville
Geanslen, Harry H., Pottsville


Hering, William O., West Catasaugua


Eagle, Edwin H., Catasauqua


Ahlum, Frank W.,  Allentown
Bechtel, William,  Allentown
Bernhard, Edwin M., Allentown
Berger, Allen J., Bethlehem
Boehm, Calvin J., Hellertown
Boehmer, Joseph,  Allentown
Burger, Harrison,  Allentown
Burger, Harry E.,  Allentown
Bush, Harry J.,  Allentown
Boorse, Herbert G.,  Allentown
Chubbuck, Charles B.,  Allentown
Collins, Wm, P.,  Allentown
Connolly, Michel F.,  Allentown
Danner, Ira A.,  Allentown
Dennis, Horace W.,  Allentown
Dennis, Isaiah F.,  Allentown
Draper, Charles J., Allentown
Eitner, Alvin J.,  Allentown
Endy, Ira T.,  Allentown
Frankenfield, Dallas J., Easton
Gallagher, Patrick L.,  Allentown
Gaugler, Irvin F.,  Allentown
German, Edgar,  Allentown
Hartzell, John H., East Texas
Heist, Harry,  Allentown
Herse, George W.,  Allentown
Hertzog, Charles,  Allentown
Hildebrand, Lewis,  Allentown
Horne, John W.,  Allentown
Hufford, Elmer H.,  Allentown
Jacoby, Edward W.,  Allentown
Kane, Edward J., Hokendauqua
Keiper, Edwin A.,  Allentown
Kleckner, Walter,  Allentown
Kressly, Henry,  Allentown
Krick, Lewis S., Kutztown
Kuhns, Elmrr,  Allentown
Lester, Charles B.,  Allentown
Lucas, Robert A., Allentown
McCoanaghy, Daniel,  Allentown
Mahon, Patrick J.,  Allentown
Miller, Charles E.,  Allentown
Miller, Harvey,  Allentown
Mosser, Edwin L., Bethlehem
Moyer, Harry E., Hellertown
Nagle, Edward, Bethlehem
Neff, Allen A., Allentown
Nonnemacher, Henry J., Allentown
Oberholzer, Fred A., Macungie
Oswald, Lewis P., Allentown
Oberly, Harry,  Allentown
Ort, Franklin, Emaus
Raub, Reefe W.,  Allentown
Raub, Riles,  Allentown
Reitz, Calvin G., Slatington
Ruhmel, George,  Allentown
Saul, Harvey J.,  Allentown
Schaefer, Lewis,  Allentown
Schierer, William, Allentown
Schrunk, Oliver,  Allentown
Schwartz, George,  Allentown
Scott, John L., Catasauqua.
Sefing, Leonard G. J.,  Allentown
Sensenbach, Harry F.,  Allentown
Simons, Jeremiah,  Allentown
Smite, John, Allentown,
Steinbicker, Henry B., Catasauqua
Steinmetz, Robert A., Allentown
Stevens, George L.,  Allentown
Seislove, Edwin,  Allentown
Schell, William R.,  Allentown
Sassaman, William M.,  Allentown
Troxell, Joseph M.,  Allentown
Trumbauer, Her Bert,  Allentown
Wagner, Charles A.,  Allentown
Wagner, Edward M.,  Allentown
Weaver, Adrin B., Macungie.
Weaver, Harry A.,  Allentown
Wetherhold, Harry,  Allentown
Weinsheimer, William S., Allentown
Wieand, William M.,  Allentown
Warg, Herbert A., Bethlehem
Yehl, Oswald A., Slatington
Zerwick, Joseph C., South Bethlehem
Ziegler, Harvey E.,  Allentown


Reichard, Fred. H., The American Volunteer - A History of the 4th Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers in the Spanish American War. (Allentown: F. H. Reichard, 1898) 8-17.

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