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The 49th Iowa Volunteer Infantry's

Memorial List of Those Members Lost During the War

Contributed by Judy Landauer
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The following is the 49th Iowa Volunteer Infantry's List of those members lost during the unit's Spanish American War period of service.

In Memorium:

"IN MEMORIAM:  The following members of the Forty-Ninth Iowa volunteers have died since its organization.  (Note: This was written before the end of the war.)

(Unless otherwise stated, the cause of death is Typhoid Fever and the place at Second Division Hospital, Camp Cuba Libre, Jacksonville, Fla.)

Company A:

Private Charles E. LOBDELL, September 22, 1898, aged 21; born in Dubuque, Iowa.  Enlisted in Company A, June 20, 1898.

Company B:

Private George W. VanLOON, October 2, 1898, aged 24.  He lived at Waterloo, Iowa.

Private Frank A. WREN, September 30, 1898, aged 22.  He was born in Illinois, but moved early to Iowa, and enlisted at Waterloo.

Corporal Fred E. WILLIER, age 19; died October 13th, 1898, at his home Waterloo, Iowa.

Private Dan MILLER, died October 27th, 1898, at Fort Myers, Virginia, age 22; born at Shellrock, Iowa.

Company C:

Private David McCORD, aged 21.  He lived at Cedar Rapids, Iowa; died October 5th, 1898, at 2d Division Hospital, Camp Cuba Libre.

Company D:

Private Frank RUBENHAGEN, aged 22.  His home was Nashua, Iowa.

Private Jordan CRAPSER, aged 21.  He lived at Nashua, Iowa.

Private George S. BLOOD, of Charles City, aged 23.

Private Oliver WALLER, of Rockford, Iowa, age 19; died at his home, October 23, 1898.

Company E:

Private Edward LIZER, aged 21; born in Jessup, Iowa; died August 21, 1898.

Private Charles HELMICK, aged 40; died September 6, 1898. Enlisted at Independence, and was buried in the Military Reservation at Jacksonville, Florida.

Private Alonzo HARTMAN, aged 24; died September 10, 1898; born in Jessup, Iowa.

Private Wm. DORMAN, of Manchester, Iowa, aged 22; died September  19, 1898.

Private Morris WOLCOTT, aged 21; died September 24, 1898; born in Cedar Rapids, but moved early to Independence, Iowa, where he enlisted.

Frank J. McKRAY, born in Greeley, Iowa, age 29; died at 2d Division Hospital, Camp Cuba Libre, October 10, 1898.

Otto E. NELSON, born in Denmark; died at 2d Division Hospital, Camp Cuba Libre, October 20th, 1898.

Company F:

Private Harry STAININGER, of Tipton, Iowa, October 5, 1898.

Private Joseph WILSON, aged 18.  He enlisted at Tipton, Iowa.

Private Clarence F. WARNER, October 23.

Company G:

First Lieutenant Guy KELLOGG: born in Vinton, Iowa, in 1874. Graduated from Tilford Academy; studied law, and was soon admitted to the bar.  Married Miss Cora WHIPPLE, December 6, 1896. With a bright future in store, a fine military record, and an exemplary character, Lieutenant KELLOGG departed this life on August 21, 1898--another victim of the typhoid fever monster.

Clarence DEARMAN, October 28th.

Private E. C. FRAHM, aged 19, born in Reinbeck, Iowa.

Private W. E. SPEER, of Vinton, Iowa, aged 22.

Private Harry W. KERLAN, of Rudd, Iowa, aged 23. He was a school teacher.

Company H:

Private Hansen CLAUS.  He was a native of Iowa, but had not been long in the service.

Corporal James T. FURNESS, September 11.

Private Milan KEELER, died October 22, at Marshalltown, Iowa, while on furlough.

Company I:

Sergeant Albert M. STEWART, on August 25, 1898; a fine young soldier of only 18 years, son of Captain STEWART of this company.  He was true to his colors, and gave up his young life in the service of his country.

Corporal Frank N. RUPP, September 15, 1898, of typhoid fever at his home, Waukon, Iowa, aged 25.

Private Joseph M. BOSTEN, September 14, 1898, aged 21.  Enlisted at Bankston, Iowa, and died in the General Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Private Hans E. ENDESTAD, September 30, 1898, aged 23.  He enlisted from Decorah, Iowa, and was buried there.

Private Frank C. TRUMBULL, September 23, 1898, aged 29.  He enlisted  at Waukon, Iowa, and died at Boscobel, Wisconsin.

Private Thomas L. WILSON, September 5, 1898, aged 20. He lived at Garnaville, Iowa.

 S. M. OPPERMUND, age 21; born at Strawberry Point, Iowa, died at Camp Cuba Libre, October, 1898.

John E. CHAMPLIN, age 24; died at 2d Division Hospital, October 12,  1898, Camp Cuba Libre.

Michael DEEGAN, age 28; born at Bankston, Iowa, died November 9th, 1898, 2d Division Hospital, Camp Cuba Libre.

Ole H. EVENSON, age 23; born at Calmar, Iowa, died at 2d Division Hospital, Camp Cuba Libre, October 20th, 1898.

Company K:

Private Allen E. GORDON, of Bright's Disease in the Second Division Hospital, September 13, 1898, aged 22.

Private Wesley S. KLINE, of typhoid fever, at Pablo Beach, Florida, September 27, 1898, aged 21.

Private George LENDRUM, aged 31.  He lived at Des Moines, Iowa.

Company L:

First Lieutenant George M. MICHELSON; born in Lyons, Iowa, twenty five years ago; joined Company L in 1892, and was the fourth man to  join the Company.  He was well liked, a fine officer, and gave up his life in the Second Division Hospital, September 6, 1898--another victim to typhoid fever.

Private Roy A. HUMPHREY, age 22; born in Kansas, died September 24th, 1898, at 2d Division Hospital, Camp Cuba Libre.

Private Henry C. HANSEN, age 22; born at Clinton, Iowa, died October 1st, 1898, at 2d Division Hospital, Camp Cuba Libre.

Private Herbert R. ROMAN, age 22; born at Cananche, Iowa, died October 15th, 1898, at 2d Division Hospital, Camp Cuba Libre.

Company M:

Private Loyal S. ATHERTON, September 27, 1898, age 26.  He was an old member of the Iowa National Guard.

Private Matthew H. COLLINSON, November 30th, 1898; inflammation of  the bowels, at Regimental Hospital Camp Onward, Savannah, GA."


"Historical and Biographical Souvenir of the 49th Iowa U.S. Volnteer Infantry.  Illustrated with scenes of camp life." (Jacksonville, FL 1898).

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