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The History of Company D, 49th Iowa Volunteer Infantry

and Biographies of its Officers

Contributed by Judy Landauer
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The following is the printed history of the 49th Iowa, Company D and biographies of its officers.

The History:

"Company D was originally organized as Company F, Sixth Regiment, Iowa National Guard, August 28, 1877.  Was changed to Company D, Fourth Iowa National Guard, in 1888, and again changed to Company D, First Iowa National Guard.  It was mustered into the United States service June 2d, 1898, and designated as Company D, Forty-Ninth Iowa Volunteer Infantry.  It is composed of able-bodied men, is well officered and capable of fulfilling any duties that they may be called upon to perform.

Captain F. B. ROZIENE was born in Chicagom Ill., August 28, 1867, but has lived in Charles City, Iowa, where he received his education, for twenty-nine years.  Captain ROZIENE joined Company D at Charles City, August 29th, 1887, and was made Captain, June 2d, 1898, and is one of the most efficient officers in the Regiment. He is a civil engineer, and has been County Surveyor of Floyd County, Iowa.

First Lieutenant Calvin A. DANFORTH is a native of Iowa, and was born in Charles City, April 6th, 1872.  He was educated in the public schools of that place, and later took a special course in Highland Park Business College, at Des Moines.  His military career began in 1890, when he joined Company K, of the old Sixth Regiment, Iowa National Guard, and when the State Guard was reorganized in 1892, he became a member of Company D, Fourth Regiment.  He was made Second Lieutenant May 6th, 1894, and First Lieutenant, May 15th, 1896.  His Company was called out to assist in putting down the Indian uprising in the Dakotas in 1890, but got no further than the depot. Lieutenant DANFORTH is a farmer, and still lives at Charles City, the place of his birth.

Second Lieutenant DeLos W. FOWLER was born at Charles City, Iowa, May 23rd, 1872; moved to Minneapolis at the age of 16, and was apprenticed to the machinist's trade; joined Company A, Minnesota National Guard, in August, 1889, which at that time was the crack Company of the Northwest; served three years, was honorably discharged and returned to Iowa and enlisted in Company D, under Captain F. B. ROZIENE; was corporal in 1893, sergeant in 1894 and Second Lieutenant May 15th, 1896.  In civil life Lieutenant FOWLER is an artist, and resides at Charles City, Iowa."


"Historical and Biographical Souvenir of the 49th Iowa U.S. Volunteer Infantry.  Illustrated with scenes of camp life." (Jacksonville, FL 1898).

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