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The Flag of the Third U.S. Artillery

Contributed by Kenneth Roberts

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This is the guidon, or Battery identification flag, of the 3rd U.S. Artillery, Battery K.

3rd U.S. Artillery Guidon

The back of the guidon. Note that the back shows the letters in reverse.

The guidon carried by the 3rd U.S. Artillery, Battery K in the Philippines. This unit was a heavy artillery unit, but fought as an infantry unit. The guidon wasknown to have been flown at the Philippine-American War battle of Malate and cut from the staff and brought home by Sgt. Ernest Traxel.

This guidon conforms to the federal specifications which read:

"To be a single piece of best quality bunting of exact shade of scarlet as the standard sample, containing not less than 34 threads in the warp and 30 threads in the filling, to the square inch; the thread in the warp 2 ply and in the filling 1 ply well twisted.

To be 3 feet 5 inches fly, and 2 feet 3 inches on the lance; to be cut swallow-tailed 15 inches to the fork.

To bear in the center, on both sides of the guidon, two cannon crossing (about 14-1/2 inches in length) with the number of the regiment above and the letter of the battery below. The crossed cannon, letter, and number to be of yellow oil-boiled chintz, fast color, and to be securely sewed in place. The letter and number to be block shaped, 4 1/2 inches high."


QMGO Specifications, November 15, 1895, page 382.

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