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The Roster of the 3rd New Jersey Volunteer Infantry

Contributed by James G. Keppeler 
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Regimental Field and Staff
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Company D ||| Company E ||| Company F
Company G ||| Company H ||| Company I
Company K ||| Company L ||| Company M

Company D:


Joseph Kay, Captain
Robert W Watson, First Lieutenant
Henry Landahl, Second Lieutenant

Frederick J. Orpen, First Sergeant
William A. F. Wolff, Quartermaster Sergeant,
Walter C. Banks
Harry A. Perry
Charles H. Stults
Edward M. Oliver


Charles Jackson
David S. B. Bartholomew
George E. Mills
James R. Gladden
James Clelland
William H. Lawson

John H Payton, Artificer

Robert W. Garretson, Wagoner


Edward Hardy
Walter B. Flavell


Batterson, Wilkie C.
Baier, George F., Jr
Britton, Hugh D.
Backofen, Walter B.
Brayton, Frederick D.
Bishop, Edgar R.
Broomer, Frederick W.
Brophy, Thomas F.
Bauer, William
Bottoroff, John L.
Bromm, William P.
Barrett, Robert
Clelland, William
Clelland, John
Crossley, Andrew J.
Cuddy, Robert D.
Carrigan, William
Cochran, George
Dodge, Charles W., Jr.
Donomore, William
Doyle, John R.
Evans, Richard W.
Ellison, John A.
Ely, James H.
Fenton, Oscar T.
Freeman, William P.
Ford, Paul P.
Garagan, Harry F.
Gough, James J.
Harra, Clarence W.
Harra, Frank P.
Heimel, Conrad
Herrmann, Edward B.
Horan, John A.
Holt, James H.
Horan, Peter J.
Johnson, Louis N.
Kay, Joseph C.
Kneib, Charles W.
Klein, Joseph M.
Kern, Charles A.
Kamuff, John J.
Lammertz, William A.
Lins, John
Lens, John
Leighton, C. Wesley
Lagemann, Emil
Lehr, John
Lyons, Patrick
Miller, Joseph H.
Miller, Frederick W., Jr.
Mosher, Frederick
McGinnis, Charles H., Jr.
Moore, Perry H.
Murray, James
McClain, Alton
O’Donnell, John J.
Pennington, William H., Jr.
Pennington, Frank E.
Page, Edward W.
Polley, Frederick
Puerschner, Alfred H.
Quigley, Alexancler F.
Reinhardt, Paul L. E.
Ross, Elias
Stone, Charles
Space, Edward W.
Stobbe, Ninholas
Suydam, John H., Jr.
Stines, Edward H.
Stryker, William N.
Sammons, Ellis
Strobel Frederick C.
Stuart, Robert, Jr.
Smith, Peter J.
Tunison, Jesse W.
Taylor, John H.
Toole, Terence
Vliet, Daniel Hendricks
Van Sickle, Harry
Van Sickle, Edward H.
Van Sckle, Frank M.
Volkert, Edward J.
Wolff, Cha1les F.
Wolff, Henry J.
Welsh, Edward
Wildgoose, Charley H.
Whitehead, James H.


Keppeler, James G. - Roster of Company D from the New Jersey Adjutant General's Report

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