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A Roster of the 32nd Michigan Volunteer Infantry, Co. H

Contributed  by Denis P. Edeline 
32nd Michigan Volunteer Infantry, Co. H, 1898
The Co. H, 32nd Michigan Veterans' Association, at the Third Annual Reunion, held on May 30, 1910
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The following is a roster of Company H, of the 32nd Michigan Volunteer Infantry. The roster is from a 1944 reunion  publication and provides information on some the men after the war.

The Roster:


Your cooperation in maintaining this roster up to date by notifying me of any change in status or address will be appreciated by your comrades.  J.H. Schouten, 1030 Michigan Trust Building, Grand Rapids, 2, Michigan.  Second Edition.  Published  September 1, 1944, Serfling Printing Company, 425 Division Avenue, South, Grand Rapids, 3, Michigan

Capt. Covell, Louis C.,  231 S. Fulton Ave., Apt. 4C, Mt. Vernon, N.Y.
 Col. 32nd Mich. Mixican Border
 Brig. Gen’l – Commanding 63 Inf. Brigade, retired

1t Lt. Fletcher, Alfred T. , dead

2nd Lt. Schouten, John H.,  1030 Michigan Trust Bldg., Grand Rapids, Mich.
 Capt. 32 Mich. Mexican Border
 Major World War. Brig. General,

1st Sgt. Bowen, George W., 2657 Oaklawn Ave., S.W., Wyoming Park, Mich.

Qm. Sgt. Lannon, Mark M.J., Dead

Sgt. Mershon, Harry G., Dead

Sgt. Taylor, William W. Jr., 1801 Waverly St., Palo Alto, Calif.
 Mexican Border, World War, U.S. Army
 Col. U.S.A., ret.

Sgt. Smith, William B., Died in Grand Rapids, Nov 18, 1940

Sgt. Mosher, Clarence E., 5976 5976 Hillerest St., Detroi 24, Mich.

Corp. Sproat, Robert E., Sproat Farm, R.F.D., Wadsworth, Ill

Corp. Serfling, Camillo J., 1128 Bates St., S.E., Grand Rapids, Mich.

Corp. Lemon, Wilder D., Died out West
 Major World War

Corp. Gould, William A., 1070 Lafayette Ave., S.E., Grand Rapids, Mich.

Corp. White, Robert E., Died Dec 5, 1942

Corp. Solosth, Karl L., 10000 Sepulveda Dr., San Ferandino, Calif
 Capt. World War No. 1

Corp. Schuman, Frank A., 5282 Townsend Ave., Eagle Rock, Calif.

Corp. Quinlan, Charles F., Dead

Corp. Leech, Fay C., Died Mich. Soldiers’ Home in 1939

Corp. Rinn, Ernest W., R.R. No. 3, Kalamazoo, Mich.

Corp. Holdeman, Harry C., 628 No. Yistash, Hollywood, Calif
 Captain World War, Second Colo. Inf.

Mus, Watts, Frederick N., 1805 St. Clair River Ave., Algonac, Mich.

Artificer Amsorge, Edward C., Newaygo, Mich.

Wagoner, Dale, Thomas R., Dead

Mascotte Van Poppering, Neal, Died Nov. 1, 1943

Pvt. Albertson, Schuyler, W., Reported Dead

Pvt. Andrews, Edgar M., R.R. 1, Box 190, Tampa, Florida

Pvt. Bailey, Eugene C., Died Nov. 6, 1942

Pvt. Barnes, Joe, Argonne Hotel, 225 Commerce Ave., Grand Rapids, Mich.

Pvt. Barrett, Lawrence J., Dead

Pvt. Beamish, Frank, Dead

Pvt. Bessemer, Carl P., Address unknown

Pvt. Blok, Stephen, Dead

Pvt. Boone, Cornelius A., R.F.D., Blanchard, Mich.

Pvt. Bradley, Hugh, Dead

Pvt. Braiden, William E., Dead

Pvt. Burdick, Albert D., Dead

Pvt. Cameron, James R., Dead

Pvt. Carothers, Milburn, Dead

Pvt. Clark, Jess W., Dead

Pvt. Coats, Harry F., Baldwin, Mich.

Pvt. Coppens, Claude F., Dead

Pvt. Damson, William J., Dead

Pvt. Daniels, Marion M., 501 Warren Ave., Big Rapids, Mich.

Pvt. Davis, Solomon, Dead

Pvt. Devall, Riley O., 246 E. 10th St., Traverse City, Mich.

Pvt. De Vore, Elwin A., Dead

Pvt. Doan, Ned G., Dead

Pvt. Downs, Edward, 528 W. State Street, Hastings, Mich.

Pvt. Eason, Hartt H., Dead

Pvt. Erginzinger, William J., 710 N. Nermandie Ave., Los Angeles 2, Calif.
 Transferred to Signal Corps

Pvt. Evans, Charles O., Dead

Pvt. Forbes, Guy R., Died in Frane First L. – 508th Engrs., Buried in France

Pvt. Gillett, George C., Cannot Locate

Pvt. Grebel, Henry A., Dead

Pvt. Gunther, Charles O., 1658 Sky Run Ave., Ft. Wayne, Ind.

Pvt. Hall, Mason C., 39 La Barre Pl., Metarie 20, La

Pvt. Hardman, Samuel T., 1437 S. 57th St., Tacoma, Wash.

Pvt. Harper, Albert P., Dead

Pvt. Haslem, John J., Dead

Pvt. Hickey, Harry P., Dead

Pvt. Howard, Louis C. (Band), 951 W. Fulton St., Grand Rapids, Mich.

Pvt. Hury, Charles W., Dead
 Promoter Reg. Sergt.-Major

Pvt. Jacobs, George H., 707 S. Magnolia St., Monrovia, Calif

Pvt. Kampfschulte, Frank L., 658 Douglas Ave., N.W., Grand Rapids, Mich.

Pvt. Keith, John C. (Band), Dead

Pvt. Klok, Richard, 3145 Kellogg St., Point Loma, Calif
 U.S.A. ret

Pvt. Kulp, George B. Jr., 510 – 14th Ave., St. Petersburg, Fla.

Pvt. Landauer, Albert G., Died Jan. 8, 1938

Pvt. Lardie, Joseph A., Box 33, Caledonia, Mich.

Pvt. Lawler, John J. Jr. 9 W. Ohio St., Chicago, Ill

Pvt. Le Fevre, Frank, Dead

Pvt. Letts, Charles B., 9480 W. Grand River Ave., Fowlerville, Mich.

Pvt. Loucks, Joseph P., 35 Gold Ave., S.W., Grand Rapids, Mich.

Pvt. Lundquist, Oscar J., 308 Griggs St., S.E., Grand Rapids, Mich.

Pvt. McDiarmid, Lester J., Died in Albion, April 1939

Pvt. McMaster, Joseph, 1602 Palolo Ave., Honolulu 31, T.H.

Pvt. McNulty, Harry, Dead

Pvt. Meigs, Arthur E., 2622 East Blvd., Cleveland 4, Ohio

Pvt. Morley, George A., Box 61, Windemere, Florida

Pvt. Mooney, James, Died Sept. 5, 1943
 (Transferred to Signal Corps)

Pvt. Morrisey, Leo E. Invalid,
 Mother, Mrs. Ellen Morrisey, Big Rapids, Mich.

Pvt. Muir, Frank E., Died Dec. 17, 1940

Pvt. Murray, John H., Address unknown

Pvt. Nevens, William, Dead
 (Transferred from Band)

Pvt. Orcott, Samuel, 957 Ionia Ave., N.W., Grand Rapids, Mich.

Pvt. Osting, Samuel P., Dead

Pvt. Phillips, William H., Died June 6, 1942

Pvt. Pipe, Thomas S., c/o Pipe & Rapp, 736 Division Ave., S., Grand Rapids, Mich.

Pvt. Prange, Charles F., Dead

Pvt. Remus, William J., 311 Division Ave., N., Grand Rapids, Mich.

Pvt. Reus, Frederick, 271 Cherry Dr., S.E., Grand Rapids, Mich.

Pvt. Robens, Harry S., Died in 1918

Pvt. Roberts, George, William Roerts, 1705 Belden Ave., S.W., Grand Rapids, Mich.

Pvt. Rock, Mahlon E., 1306 Orville St., S.E., Grand Rapids, Mich.

Pvt. Roos, John, Died March 9, 1932

Pvt. Sessions, Horace, 3456 Ben Lomond Place, Hollywood, Calif.

Pvt. Simpson, Edward, 103 E. State St., Grandville, Mich.

Pvt. Slater, William, 7228 S. Sangamon St., Chicago, Ill.

Pvt. Sligh, Charles R., Dead

Pvt. Snyder, John A., Died March 1943

Pvt. Spackman, Henry B., 1219 High St., Fort Wayne, Ind.

Pvt. Standley, James, Dead

Pvt. Strickland, Charles A., 4327 Sierra Villa Dr., Los Angeles 41, Calif.

Pvt. Sullivan, Patrick H., Died in 1939
 Served during World War

Pvt. Sutton, Dell H., 317 E. State St., Hastings, Mich.

Pvt. Swift, Robert W., Care of Peerless Electric Co., Warren, Ohio
 (Transferred to Signal Corps)

Pvt. Swiger, Leonard, Dead

Pvt. Toot, William A., 1232 Monroe Ave., N.W., Grand Rapids, Mich.

Pvt. Toren, Roy H., Dead

Pvt. Towse, Frank, Dead
 (Transferred to Signal Corps)

Pvt. Tracy, Howard G., Dead

Pvt. Trimble, Joseph, Died June 28, 1933

Pvt. Vos, John, Dead

Pvt. Wagner, Charles S., Cannot Locate

Pvt. Walcott, Edwin C., Dead

Pvt. Young, Louis E., Died June 11, 1932"


Edeline, Denis P., - Photos and text of reunion roster.

"1898 – 1944 Roster COMPANY H  32nd MICHIGAN VOLUNTEER INFANTRY"  Second Edition.  Published  September 1, 1944, Serfling Printing Company, 425 Division Avenue, South, Grand Rapids, 3, Michigan.

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