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A Partial Roster of the 23rd U.S. Infantry

Contributed by George Morris, with assistance from Sharon Rowe
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Field and Staff ||| Company G
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Below is a partial roster of the 23rd U.S. Infantry. Additional company rosters will be added as they become available. If you have rosters of any of the other companies, please considering contributing the information to this website!

The  Roster:

Field and Staff:

Davis, George W., Col., (Brigadier General, U.S.V.)

Company G:


Captain, Raymond R Stevens
1st Lieut, Ferdinand W Kobbe
1st Lieut, Howard L Laubach, attached
2nd Lieut, Arthur P Watts


Frank Yopp, First Sgt.
John Schlobohm, Quartermaster Sgt.
Joseph Houston
John W Buerkle
Martin J Rabanus
Harry Helm


Benjamin J Patrick
George W Brower
Daniel W Collier
James P Skinner
Frederick Grace
William C Temple
John Campion
Lewis E Fisher
Thomas J Caffrey
Benni Goldblatt
Max W Schmidt
James T Coleman


John A Meurer
Daniel W McMillan


John Birberick
Frank Fox

Artificer :

Jefferson F Brower


Alley, Peyton Y
Anderson, Alex
Atkins, William H
Baker, Stephen A
Baldwin, Thomas L
Banks, George H
Barnard, Harry A
Barnard, Arthur R
Beatley, James L
Belleau, George
Boyle, James J
Budler, Henry T
Buck, Joe
Burlingame, Napoleon B
Cannon, James H
Carrington, Carter I
Carroll, Charles
Coburger, William
Connell, George F
Corigan, Thomas W
Craig, Brainard B
Currie, Samuel E
Curtis, Hiram H
Dale, Reed E
Davis, Benjamin F
Day, Herbert E
Dettling, George
Dickinson, James P
Dietrich, Carl
Egbers, George
Ehlart, John F
Eilek, William J
Eady, James H
Echols, Malcom E
Evans, John K
Everts, David A
Fischer, Martin
Friday, Frederick R
Fry, George
Gannon, George H
Gettel, Franklyn M
Gibson, Jesse R
Gillott, Albert D
Goldman, Thomas E
Green, William
Grubbs, Jesse E
Gurley, Ward
Hall, Roy H
Hannaman, Peter R
Hanson, Victor
Hanson, Julius L
Hefferman, John
Hennessy, Albert J
Herman, Lewis
Hess, Thomas C
Hilt, Charles F
Hughes, John M
Hussey, Norman C
Jones, Edgar F
Jones, John W
Karshner, Bishop
Kelly, James
Kinney, Francis J
Kleiven, Ole
Knowlton, Arthur H
Krohn, William
Kearness, Martin
Lee, John A
Leslie, Alexander F
Low, Harry
Lyon, Pearl B
Marshall, John J
Martinez, Martin
Matthews, Jack
Maupin, Charles S
McClintie, Edward M
McEwon, Archer
McWIlliams, Samuel J
McWIlliams, William H
Messick, Charles A
Miller, Julius
Mills, Harry
Mitcham, James H
Mitcham, Joseph W
Morris, Frank C
Morrow, Delos
Mote, John H
Murphy, Frank R
Myers, Francis
Newman, Harry B
Niday, William L
Nicely, Mike A
Norton, Herbert J
Pauzner, Joseph
Pendergrass, William R
Rawls, Thomas J
Roney, Joshua E
Routt, John W
Shreve, Clifford J
Smith, John C
Sorrell, Hartwell G
Spotts, Frank W
Surratt, John R
Stringham, Harry
Tenvolde, John J
Thomas, Moses
Thompson, Anthony
Varney, Harley
Wall, Oliver V
Wallshield, Michael
White, William B


Sergeant Nathaniel J Prickett, died March 9, 1899
Private Edward Reaver, killed February 23, 1899


Memorial Roster of 23rd U.S. Infantry, Co. D

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