A Roster of Officers of the

22nd New York Volunteer Infantry

Contributed by Michael A. Cavanaugh
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The 22nd New York Volunteer Infantryserved to defend the New York coast during the war. The unit never left New York state. If you can contribute company rosters of this regiment, please contact us to contibute them by clicking here.

The Unit History:

Asten, Charles E - 1st Lt., Co. B (promoted to Capt., replacing Capt. Haubold)
Bartlett, Franklin -  Col. commanding the regiment
Buck, L. A. - 1st Lt., Co. G
Carey, William F. - 1st Lt., (On leave to Governors Island; Resigned October 12, 1898)
Cenron?, W. S. - 1st Lt., Co. C
Clarke, G. H. - 2nd lt., Co. H
Cobden, Richard - Chaplain (joined the regiment on August 31, 1898)
Cooper, J. L. - 2nd Lt., Co. D
Daly, Robert J. - 1st Lt., Adjutant to the regiment's 1st Battalion
Davis, C. O. - 1st Lt., Co. F
Dayton, E. W. - Capt., Co. G
Dyett, Albert F. - 1st Lt., Co. I
Fahnestock, S. F.  - Capt., Co. D
Fairvill?, A. S. - 2nd Lt., Co. F
Fleming, T. - 2nd Lt., Co. L
Garrison, H. - 1st Lt., (served at Fort Schuyler)
Hamilton, Louis A. - 2nd Lt., Co. B (promoted to 1st Lt., Co. B in November, 1898 to replace Lt. Asten)
Hart, Stephen F. - Maj., commainf the regiment's 2nd Battalion
Hart, B. S.  - Capt., Co. K
Haubold, Rudolph O. - Capt. (on leave to Governors Island; Born 1870 in Germany;  in 1900 Occupation was a fire insurance
  salesman;  had one child with wife Anna; lived at Central Park West near W. 99th Street)
Hotchkins, Walter B., - Maj. commanding the regiment's 1st Battalion
Isherwood, F., - Capt., Co. H
Jarrett, Arthur R. - 1st Lt., Assistant Surgeon
Jennings, J. W. - 2nd Lt., Co. M
Johnson, William C. - 1st Lt., Assistant Surgeon (served at Fort Schuyler)
K---p, G. H. - Capt., Co. E
Kenney, William A. - 2nd Lt., Co E
Kross, Clement F. - 1st Lt., Adjutant, 3rd battalion (Born 1860; in 1900 lived at Tyson St, Borough of Richmond, 1st Ward with wife and children)
Lillienthal, J. G. R., Capt., Co. C
Lynch J., Jr., 1st Lt., Co. M
McDougall, A., 1st Lt., Co. D
Miles, Matthew M., Capt., Co. E
Moses, Charles A., 2nd Lt., (on leave to Governors Island; resigned October 12)
Murphy, D. J., Capt., Co. A
Murphy, F. C., Capt., Co. L
Parks, E. J., 2nd Lt., Co. G
Porter,  W. B., 2nd Lt., Co. A
Rider, A. W., 1st lt., Lt., Co. A
Ringer, Frederick C., 1st Lt., Adjutant of the 2nd Battalion (born 1861, in 1900 lived with wife, Alice in the Bronx)
Russell, George D., Maj., commanding 3rd battalion
Serrell,  1st Sgt., Co. B, promoted to 2nd Lt., replacing Hamilton, November, 1898
Smith, C. W., 1st Lt., Co. L
Sternberger, Henry, 1st Lt., Co. K (born 1865, occupation was that of a broker; in 1900 he was single and living with his family at  64th Ave near Madison)
Stott, Frank J., Capt., Co. I
Thurston, Nathaniel B.., Lt. Col., (in 1910 he was married to Elizabeth and living on W. 86th St.)
Treadwell, Harry H. Capt., Regimantal Adjutant
Turpin, W. A., Capt., Co. M
Usher Bloomfield, 1st Lt., Co. E, (born 1965, in 1900 he was a  bookkeeper, single and living with his older brother in the Bronx)
Wilson, John I., Maj., Surgeon


Monthly Returns for Fort Slocum.

Census documents for 1900, 1910

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