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The Roster of the 20th Kansas Volunteer Infantry

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The following is a working document in which we are attempting to compile a roster of the entire 20th Kansas Volunteer Infantry. The roster is incomplete. If you can fill with additional companies, please forward the information to the website through our contributions page

Company E:

Swisher, Chris C.

Company I (Miami Co., Kansas)


Captain Chas. S. Flanders


Sgt. Edward W. Smith
Sgt. Richard Seaver
Sgt. Ira N. Bryan
Sgt. Sidney B. Sublette
Sgt. Jay Sheldon - died of wounds, February 9, 1899


Cpl.Cyrus W. Ricketts
Cpl. Chas. E. Rossman
Cpl. Victor B. Allee
Cpl. Samuel J. Shively


Fred Beckley
Wm. H. Bradbury
Elias F. Brandeberry
Jas. N. Branum
Ollie A. Canfield
John B. Carpenter
C.W. Clapp
Frank S. Crane
James R. Cree
Dallas Day - died of disease November 2, 1898
Roy G. Dever
Thomas A. Dunn discharged
Geo. W. Flack
Arden W. Flanders
Frank A. Forner
Frank Gossett
Fred H. Hand
John W. Hatfield
Claude H. Helman
Edward L. Herriman
David B. Keiser
John A. Meek
John A. Millis
Chas. L. Minich
Wm. H. Putnam
Walter E. Rainey
Alonzo V. Ricketts - Stanton, killed in action, February 10, 1899
James W. Seaver
Bert Shaw
Will C. Shaw
Jackson A. Shively
Augustus W. Sogemeier
William Tull
John M. Weber
Chas. L. Werner
Carl M. West


Linger, D. A. - Roster of Company from a printed roster.

Swisher-Fish,  Mellodie  - Info. on Chris C. Swisher (Company E) from the Kansas Adjutant General's Report, 1898-99.

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