The Colfax County, New Mexico Boys Who Served in the Rough Riders:

News as Told by The Raton Range of Raton, New Mexico

(concerning 1st U. S. Volunteer Cavalry ("Rough Riders"))

Contributed by Nancy Arnett
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The following  information is from The Raton Range, a newspaper from Raton, New Mexico and concerns the local men of Colfax County, New Mexico, who joined what would become the 1st U. S. Volunteer Cavalry, better known as the "Rough Riders."

The Articles:

May 5, 1898 issue of The Raton Range:


Forty Patriots Leave to Join New Mexico’s Batallion of Mounted Riflemen.

Saturday morning an immense crowd of citizens assembled at the station to bid God speed to the eleven patriotic young men who left on the 11:30 train for Santa Fe to be mustered into the regiment of mounted riflemen to be raised in the west.

The following are the names of the first installment of soldiers from this city:

David J. Leahy, Alvin Ash, Edward E. Griffin, Matt. T. McGehee, Rolla H. Brooks, Rolla A. Fullenwider,Nicholas A. Vyne, Frank A. Hill, Robert E. Lee, Hugh McKee, Frank Briggs.

Wednesday morning the depot  platform was again crowded with  people to bid farewell to the last number of brave, patriotic young men who left for Santa Fe, under  the charge of David Leahy, where they joined the rest of the quota
from this county.

Their names are as follows:

Thomas F. Cavanaugh, John H. Tait, Robert W. Reid, Oscar W.Groves, Hiram E.Williams, William S. Reid, Cloid B. Camp, Willis E. Sowers, Lee Sinnett, Chas. W. Shannon, Oliver McKinney, William H. Jones, Luther L. Stewart, Eugene A. Lutz, Marion Camp, Michael H. Coyle, John E. Edmunds, James Sanders, Tom Onile, Clarence Wright, Carl Talle, Nick Simmons, John McCartney, Hays Donley, S.T.McCarthy.

No better set of men will enter the United States service than Raton and Colfax county furnishes in this detachments and the number would have been largely increased if  permission could have been obtained to accept them.

While the boys were embarking  on the train, they received many  salutes from the three Cracker Jack cannon, and by Captain Hobbs, and were serenaded by the Raton band. The meetings held Friday night and Tuesday night which filled the rink with loyal people indicate that Raton is ready and willing to maintain the flag of our great country.

Raton and Colfax county are justly proud of the representatives in the present conflict.

The Raton Range, June 30, 1898:

[The following apparently refers to the action at Las Guasimas on June 24, 1898]

The casualties in Friday’s fight near Sevilla, about five miles from Santiago de Cuba, among the New Mexico volunteers are reported to consist of the following:

Killed – Private, Louis Dougherty, troop F, is a native of Greenville, O., 23 years old and was a telegraph operator.

Wounded –

Corporal James M. Dean, troop E, born in Liana, O., 28 years old, occupation, clerk.
Private Frank L. Booth, troop F, 22 years old, born in Madison, Wis., occupation, book keeper.
Private Albert G. Hartley, troop F, 26 years old, born in Ontario, Canada,occupation, clerk.
Private Robert J. Bailey, troop F,  26 years old, born in Huntington, W. Va, cattleman.
Sergeant G.W.Armijo, troop F, 20 years old, born in Valencia county, N.M., farmer, son of Mariano Armijo, Albuquerque.
Private E.J.Atherton, troop F,  23 years old born in Corpus Christi, Tex., telegraph lineman.
Private Clifford L. Reed, troop F, 21 years of age, born in Wisconsin, cowboy.
Private H. L. Albers, troop F, 25 years old, born Hancock county, Ills., occupation, barber.
Sergeant Thomas F. Cavanaugh, troop G, 23 years old, born in Austin,Tex. clerk, enlisted at Raton.
Corporal Luther L. Stewart, troop G, 24 years old, born in Roanoke county, Va.,saloon man, enlisted at Raton.
Private Henry J. Heffner, troop G, 24 years old, born in Manassa, Ills., miner.
Private Michael Coyle, troop G, 21 years old, born in Ashley, Pa, cowboy, enlisted at Raton, where his parents have resided for years.
Private R.W.Reed, troop G, 25 years old, born in Decatur, Ills, railroad man.
Private Arthur L. Russell, troop F, 21 years old, born in Warsaw, Wis, occupation, plasterer

The Raton Range, June 30, 1898:


Walter Hartley, Logan Twyman, Robert Dennis and Henry D Duke left Sunday morning for Santa Fe to enlist in the First United States Volunteer Cavalry.  Charles Townsend left on Thursday on the same errand.

Walter Hartly was rejected on account of age.

Tuesday morning the following named young men left Raton for Santa Fe to enroll their names in the ranks of the gallant First United States Volunteer Cavalry, now at Santiago:  R. F. O’Connor, C. M. Armstrong,  Wm. H. Smith, B. F. Morris, Frank E. Wright, David R. Miller and Roy Wisenburg.

This will complete the quota for the “Rough Riders.”

The Raton Range, July 7, 1898:

A few days ago the dispatches told of the attempt of Capt. “Bucky” O’Neill to rescue two colored soldiers while the troops were unloading at Baiquiri on the Cuban shores.  Now the sad news is received of his death, he being one of the officers of the “Rough Riders” to be killed on Friday morning.

Frank Cotton, Thos.W. Phipps, Wm. D. Wood, all of Red River were among those who enlisted in the 75 additional men allowed New Mexico to fill her troops in the regiment of Rough Riders to the maximum.  These boys are the first from Taos county to enter Uncle Sam’s service in the war against Spain…

Monday morning one hundred of New Mexico’s recruits for the “Rough Riders” passed through Raton for the front.  They were received here by a large number of citizens headed by the band.  Through the efforts of A. C.Voorhees and J. Leahy, the soldier boys were handsomely breakfasted at our restaurants.  They were delighted with the treatment the Gate City tendered them.

The following are the names of the hundred recruits:

W.H. Conduit, Charles H.Green, Roy O. Wisenberg, Frank W. Clark, J.M. Neal, L. R. Miller, M.H. Linet, H.B. Price, C.W. Jacobus, E.C.Conley, C.A.Parmalee, A. J. Connors, John S. Cline, Robert Denny, E.W.Schupp, W.C.Gibson, J.H.Muller, Thomas Phipps, Henry Duke, John Peck, P.S. Sawyer, Frank Cotton, George M. Coe, J. M. Piersol, John Walker, O.M.Nesbit, G.W. Hewitt, A.Anderson, Charles Brush, H. Kindall, George F. Murray, Alfred C. Gillen, Robert Day, George B. Daly, George C. Whittak, Sidney H. Woodward, L. C. Hoffman, L. E. Whited, F. Detwiler, J. Brennan, J.F. Alexander, J.M. Leach, J. Ridley, W.W. Hamlim, H. C. Rayburn, C. M. Townsend, R.B.Moore, William C. Kruger, J.C. DaBohune, A.C. Dassage, Robert C. Huston, G. Jennings, J.R. Adkins, J.L. Tugman, G.W. Wassen, J.C. McDonnell, J.D.Green, John Lannon, W.C.Andrews, W.R.Gibbie, George Fetter, W.C.Burris, Thomas G.Wells, H.Glessner, G.Thompson, J.A. McAndrew, Thomas Freeman, B.F. Morris, A.Rogers, C.H. Hewy, R.P.McLane, S.A.Kennedy, E.M.Littleton, Fred W. Dunkle, W.D.Buin, P.A.Wickham, F.G.McCarthy, J.W.Bullard, J.Brennen, W.H.Waffen, C.M.Armstrong, Joseph Gisler, Ben T. Keely, P. Baker, William Wood, E. Lair, Gaston D. Hunny, L.C.Rice, Frank Lowe, J.N.Gibbs, James Lewis, John D. Harding, J.A.Butler, Earl Stilsen, Fred Fornoff, Frank Chapetel, A.T.Regan, W.W.Wilkerson, T.M.Donavan.

The Raton Range, July 7, 1898:

The following is a partial list of the officers killed at Santiago Friday and Saturday:

Col. Charles A. Wikoff, Twenty second infantry
Lieut. Col. John M. Hamilton, Ninth cavalry
Lieut. W.H.Smith, Tenth cavalry
Major Force, First cavalry
Captain O’Neil, First volunteer cavalry
Lieut. Michie, son of Prof. Michie
Lieut. Jules G. Ord, Sixth infantry
Lieut. Wm. E. Shipp, Tenth cavalry

The following is a partial list of the officers wounded:

Lieut. Col. John H. Patterson, Twenty second infantry
Lieut. Col. H. Carrol, commanding First brigade, cavalry division.
Major Henry W. Wessels, Third cavalry
Capt. Augustus P. Blocksom, Sixth cavalry
Capt. John B. Kerr, Sixth cavalry
Capt. Geo. K. Hunter, Third cavalry.
Capt. Geo. A. Dood, Third cavalry
Capt. Chas W. Taylor, Ninth cavalry
Lieut. Frank R. McCoy, Tenth cavalry
Lieut. Winthrop S. Wood, adjutant Ninth cavalry
Lieut. Haskell, First volunteer cavalry
Lieut A.L.Mills, First cavalry
Lieut. Oren B. Myer, Third cavalry
Lieut. Arthur Thayer, Third cavalry
Lieut. Walter C. Short, Sixth cavalry
Capt. John B. Rodman, Twentieth infantry

   Shafter, Major General

Among the wounded are:
Lieut. Col. Carpenter, Seventh infantry
Lieut. Besard, adjutant Seventh infantry
Major Corliss, Seventh infantry
Captain Jackson, Company C (or G) Seventh infantry
Lieut. Charles E. Field, Second Massachusetts

The following Rough Riders were wounded:
Mason Mitchell, Troop K
Lieut. Horace Deveraux, Troop K
T. R. McDonald,
R. L. Mc Millan, Troop D
T. J. Muller, Troop E
W. Johnson, Troop D
James Kline, Troop I
S.J. Davis, Troop L
John G. Winter, Troop F
Sergeant Basil Rickets

From private sources it was learned yesterday that Lieut. D. J. Leahy, of Troop G, 1st U.S.Volunteer cavalry, was wounded in the arm in last Friday’s fight.  Lieut. Leahy is one of Raton’s most promising young men and is now the superintendent of education for this county.

According to the latest revised lists, the following members of Troop G, 1st U.S.Volunteer cavalry were wounded at Seville Friday, week ago:
Sergeant Thos. F. Cavanaugh
Corporal L.L. Stewart
H.J. Hafner
Michael H. Coyle
R.W. Reed

It is thought that Santiago will be taken by assault within a few days if it does not surrender.

The Raton Range, July 14, 1898:

The last installment of “Rough Riders” from New Mexico, who passed through here on the 11th, are supposed to be on their way from Tampa, Florida to Santiago. Everything now awaits the surrender of Santiago.

Wounded – Taken to Key West Hospitals:
Leahy, Cash, Cavanaugh, Dean, Meagher, Adams, Ash, Darnet, Phall, Scobrcy, Denham, Wiggins, Kean, Rebentch, Booth, Reed, Irbell, Poe, Dole. (from the Santa Fe, New Mexican)


The Raton Range, May 5, 1898.
The Raton Range, June 30, 1898.
The Raton Range, July 7, 1898.
The Raton Range, July 14, 1898.

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