The Roster of the 1st Maryland Volunteer Infantry

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The First Maryland Volunteer Infantry served its term of service within the continental U.S. Below is a partial roster for the regiment. If you have additional company rosters to contribute to this listing, please consider contributing them to us.

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Field and Staff ||| Company C

The Roster:

Regimental Field and Staff:

William P.  Lane, Colonel

Company C:


Captain J. Philip Roman
1st Lieut. F. Brooke Whiting
2nd Lieut. John G. Constable


Chris. Himmler, 1st Sergeant
Howard P. Hartsock, Q.M.  Sergeant
George F. McDonnell
George J. Doerner
George Peterson
Charles E. Ross


John C. Smith
John H. Hoffman
Frank G. Martz
Gabriel E. McKinley
Charles H. McFarland
Alva L. Young
Ray C. Friend
Harry A. Hite
Martin E. Nelson
Benjamin Franklin
Lewis W. Peterman


Harry Gerwood
Wilber H. Johnson

Artificer: Christian Pfister

Wagoner: Furman G. Seaman

Privates, First Class:

Lester L. Bollinger
William M. Dailey
Roy Dietz
John K. Dieter
Henry W. Dyche
Walter M. Fuller
Chas. E. Golden
William E. Harmon
Frank Hymes
John G. Plum
Carl Schleuss
Chas. E. Sibley
George E. Sloan
Robert E. Sprigg
Wilbur D. Thomas
Archie A. White
Clinton L. Williams
Harry Wineow


William R. Andrew
Matthew Andrews
James Z. Angel
Charles D. Baldwin
William Baille
Herbert E. Barnett
Henry F. Barr
Clarence Beamer
Humphrey T. Beck
George C. Brant
Thomas H. Bell
Chas. E. Bowden
Robert S. Brant
Jos. O. Brodigan
Thomas E. Brown
Edgar M. Brennaman
Ralph E. Burrall
Orrie T. Burkhart
Austin H. Bryant
Thos. E. Carney
John A. Christman
Clarence Coddington
Patrick F. Condon
Jess E. Conner
John W. Cook
Harry L. Crouch
George W. Daniels
Edward Deetz
William Dickerhoff
Jas. C. Dobbie
Winfield S. Dorris
Frank Dorsey
Everett M. Douglas
John W. Evans
Chas. Fleckenstein
Grier B. Flynn
Thomas M. Foley
Frank A. Fredericks
Andrew Gaughan
James E. Giles
William W. Hackett
Jas. E. Hall
Eddie Hale
Henry Hart
Lloyd J. Hartman
George O. Hepburn
John A. Hoenicka
Ira E. Holler
Harry E. Holtzman
Percy A. Imes
Silas Irons
Peter Johnson
Patrick E. Kean
Harvey F. Keller
Adolph R. Kirshner
Lionel Kirsop
William Knapp
William V. Koerner
Charles W. Kooken
Chas. E. Lancaster
Wilber S. Landis
Arnold R. Lashley
Harry Leonard
Walter Liebrant
Fred Loeffel
George Logan
Samuel T. Logue
Albert J. Lowery
Jos. B. Lynch
Jacob Marling
John C. Matthews
William E. McConnell
Clarence McCue
James McGee
Arthur T. McKinley
Donald B. McLeod
Frank H. McMillan
John Meyer
Jas. S.W. Morris
Walter Morris
John Morton
James J. Murphy
William H Murphy
Simon Myer
John E. Nicodemus
William O’Brien
Christoph P. Offman
Chas. O’Hara
Wm. A. O’Hara
Jerome S. Perdew
John M. Pinnell
Frank J. F. Porter
William A. Readman
Lewis Reynolds
Harry J. Rizer
Hugh Robinette
Henry Rose
Lewis N. Rosecarns
Orval E. Ross
John A. Rowan
Norman R. Sanner
George F. Shiver
John B. Schriver
Benjamin F. Shuckhart
Walter Simpson
Alonzo B. Slider
Clarence H. Smith
Edward F. Smith
Lewis Smith
Nelson A. Smith
Joseph Stevens
Arnold Stonestreet
Jacob Suparezynski
John J. Sullivan
Isadore A. Tanzer
Chas. Thomas
James R. Toll
James Trench
Frank J. Wagner
Max Wall
Edward Wiesenmiller
John B. Williams
Maynard D. Wilson
Henry S. Winebrenner
William J. Wright
John A. Zimmerly

Transferred to other organizations:

R. P. McCardell, Sergeant, Headquarter Company
J. E. Barnett, Cook, Headquarter Company
Harold Fossett, Mounted Orderly, Headquarter Company
C. B. Fox, Supply Company
Lee Welsh, Supply Company
J. N. Demoss, Supply Company
Chas. H. Fasenbaker, Supply Company
A. B. Cochrane, Company C


Thomas and Williams, History of Allegany County, Regional Publishing Company, (1923) Vol. 1 pgs. 401, 402, 403. Contributed by Barbara Jean Hott granddaughter of Wilber H. Johnson

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