Roster of Battery B, 1st California Heavy Artillery

Contributed by Katie Dorries

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The following was taken from a Pay Roll book that is dated September 16, 1898. The contributor transcribed the book as accurately and as precisely as possible. All pay was for the month of August 1898.

The Roster:


Captain Theodore J. Hay received $150
1st Lieutenant Herbert Choynski received $125
2nd Lieutenant George B. Huir received $116.67
2nd Lieutenant Frank S. Sprague received $116.67

Major Brewster C. Kenyon – Paymaster

Sergeants – all were appointed and received $21.60 unless otherwise noted

1st Sergeant Samuel A. Breeding received $30

Harry Hart
Philip L. Snowden
John W. Miller
Lorenzo S. Hoag
D. A. Urquhart
Henry Bernard
Charles F. Brooks
William F. Maguire
George D. Sexton
Ralph J. Wells
Porter C. Thede
Louis Abrate – Absent
George M. Babb
Samuel F. Keller
Edward M. Hood
H. A. Stemmons
George W. Decker was promoted from Private
Harry J. Thompson was promoted from Private
William R. Jackson was promoted from Private
Henry Bruning was promoted from Private
Charles Clark was promoted from Private and received $18.60

Corporals – all were appointed and received $18 unless otherwise noted

Cornelius S. Bendel
William Lyon
Charles L. Goring
Eugene Donaldson
William J. Booth
Frank C. Pope
James L. Smeaton was promoted from Private
John F. Smith was promoted from Private
Harry M. Tyrrel was promoted from Private
George B. Rice was promoted from Private

Musicians – all received $15.60

E. C. Lasswell was acting since May 23, 1898
E. Castagnino was acting since July 21, 1898

Privates – all received $15.60 unless otherwise noted

Reinhold Almquist
Charles E. Anthony
Julius J. Anderson
Emil V. Anderson
George W. Alexander
George Bachman
Orval W. Boyd
George Breidenbach
Fred G. Brittain
Peter G. Brouman
Frank Bryan – "on confinement at Alcatraz Island, Cal. and to forfeit Ten ($10) Dollars per mo.
     for 4  months per Sentence Gen. Court Martial S.O. #80 Hdqrs Dept of Cal dated July 9, 1898."
Robert E. Boyd
William Bastian
Wesley Blanchard
Oscar Bock – "Absent without leave from Aug 4, 1898 to Aug 8, 1898” and received $13
James Buckley
D. B. Bidwell
August Bachtiger
Edward B. Brown – “Absent without leave from Aug 15, 1898 to Aug 17, 1898” and received $14.04
Edward Bailey
F. R. Bronson
William A. Baker – “Absent without leave from Aug 15, 1898 to Aug 17, 1898” and received $14.04
James Bickmore
Fred Butterfield
George Brehm
Nils M. Benson
Michael J. Clifford
John A. Cushing
Henry H. Cutler
George Clayton
Albert H. Doherty
Frank S. Colburn
James Downes
Charles Dorries
Charles Emmet Darby
H. L. Diehl
Dexter Dunphey, Jr.
George Otto Davis
Thomas H. Dowd
Thomas Dickman
John Duffy – “Absent without leave from Aug 17, 1898 to Aug 20, 1898” and received $13.52
Conrad Eichman
Hans H. Engelking
Ira V. Ennis – “Absent without leave from Aug 24, 1898 to Aug 26, 1898” and received $14.04
Ezekial Eddy
Barney Fay
John J. Foley
William Franklin
William Fuhr – “Absent without leave from Aug 11, 1898 to Aug 13, 1898” and received $14.04
George Farnam
William Flannelly
Walter Graham
Frank Gillespie – “Absent without leave since Aug 25, 1898” and received no pay
Joseph T. Gleason
John Green
Louis C. Gebhardt – “Absent without leave since Aug 28, 1898” and received no pay
Martin Giottonini
Henry Harrison – “Absent without leave from Aug 25, 1898 to Aug 28, 1898” and received $13.52
Frank J. Harrington
Robert F. Henry
John A. Henshall
John Hillix
Wilmer S. Hosmer
Fred Humm
Silas E. Hunsacker
Walter Harper
Henry Hadler – “Absent without leave from July 31, 1898 to Aug 12, 1898. Awaiting trial.” He
   had  not been paid for the previous month, so he had a balance of $22.36
George Johnson
Thomas Jennings
Charles Just
Peter Johnson
Frank Jones
Frank C. Kolle
Frank L. Keller
James Kelly
Thomas F. Kenney
Henry Kinnel
George C. Kensley
Gerhard Kolligs
Gustav Kyburg
Conrad Kuhl
Charles Krantin
John B. Lavaroni
John Lennert
Edward C. Learey
Thomas J. Liter
Fred Long
Aaron Marx
James J. McCarthy
John McFarlane
Thomas McDowell
Alexander Mendoza
Perry A. Merckel
Janus B. McDonald
Arnold Meyer
Ernst Maldenhaus
Joseph W. Monroe
Loyal C. Moore
Edward W. Murdock
George Morse
Richard Morse
F. J. Mazna
Lee Manuel
W. C. Meyers
Samuel Nelson
Hans Nelsen
Martin Nelson
Frank L. Nicholson
Martin E. O’Lara – “Absent without leave from Aug 11, 1898 to Aug 12, 1898” and received $14.56
William Osgood
Paul V. Overmohle
E. W. Osborne
James O’Brien – “Absent without leave from Aug 4, 1898 to Aug 5, 1898” and received $14.56
Charles Oliva
John W. Powers
E. E. Pursel
Joseph Perger
Frederick E. Pakenham
Rutherford B. Ralph
Thomas Riley
Dennie Roach
John E. Ruhlman
F. Ruppel
G. A. Rick
William H. Rice
John H. Safley
John J. Schinkel
William Seel
S. Schoenfeld
Joseph Shaffer
Walter W. Shank
Frank Shepard
Morris Schlocker
F. H. Solomon
Fred A. Spetz
Edward Sullivan
James Sullivan – “Absent without leave from Aug 3, 1898 to Aug 5, 1898” and received $14.04
Frank Schulte
Harry L. Tassett
William J. Tranor – “Absent without leave from Aug 14, 1898 to Aug 18, 1898” and received $13
Charles P. Thomas
Arthur E. Tilden
Albert E. Tilden – “Reduced to the ranks from Sergeant per Bat. S. O. #80 c.s. dated Aug 16,1898”
   and received $18.60
Charley Tripp – “Absent without leave since Aug 30, 1898” and had not been paid
Frank E. Truesdell
Everard H. Tanner
Adolph Vergez
Frank von Henkelom
Frederick W. Voss
Emil Waltzer
John Walser
Homer Wood
John Wright
Charles Wall
Clarence L. Whitaker
Julian B. Warren
Ernest F. Winkler
Edward Wiles
George Young
Charles Wildermuth
Otto W. Zabel

Clarence A. Gillespie – “Discharged Aug 24,1898 per Cert of Disability approved Hdqrs of Cal”
   and  was unpaid

John Busch – “Deserted Aug 7,1898. Not apprehended. Never Paid”
Ernst Canneaux – “Deserted July 25, 1898. Not apprehended”


Pay Book, 1st California Heavy Artillery, Battery B, in a private collection

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