A Brief History of the 1st West Virginia Infantry

 by Patrick McSherry

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The 1st West Virginia Volunteer Infantry servced its term of service in the continental U.S.

Unit History:

The First West Virginia Volunteer Infantry was mustered into service between May 7 and May 14, 1898 at Fort Lee, across the Great Kanawha River from Charleston, West Virginia. At the time of its mustering in, the unit consisted of forty-six officers and 964 enlisted men. On May 20, 1898 they departed for Camp Thomas at  Chickamauga, Tennessee.

The First West Virginia served its term of service within the continental United States, serving part of that time at Camp Poland in Knoxville, Tennessee, and at Columbus, Georgia.

The regiment was mustered out of service at Columbus, Georgia on February 4, 1899 (the same day the the Philippine-American War began, the Spanish American War having ended on December 10, 1898). At the time of muster out, the regiment consisted of forty-seven officers and 1,039 enlisted men.

During its term of service, the unit had one officer dismissed, fourteen enlisted die from disease, one enlisted man die as the result of an accident, two enlisted men court-martialed, fourteen enlisted men discharged for reasons of disability and forty-four men desert.


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