The Roster of the 1st Rhode Island Volunteer Infantry

Company I

Contributed by Gerald Jacquard

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Below is the roster of the First Rhode Island Volunteer Infantry, Company I.


Captain, Lewis PatstoneThis regiment was the only infantry regiment raised in Rhode Island during the Spanish American War. It served its term of service within the continental U.S.
1st Lieut., Harold S. Pearce
2nd Lieut., Edward Mitchell


First, William H. Fittz
Q.M., Bonawentuia P. Weiss
William E. Jordan
Traverse R. Darling
Thomas Bowman
Gilbert H. Shurtlieff


Richard L. Phelan
Edwin Mawdsley
Henry Evens
George M. Jobe
Carl E. Soderberg
George D. Mcfarland
Robert Dodd
Frank Lapham
James H. McElroy
Thomas Morris
John T. Murphy
Herbert F. Read


Charles C. Dillon
Charles J. Hanley


Watson Raynard


John L. Owens
Charles W. Abbot, Jr.,
Colonel Commanding.


Ahearn, Joseph
Barney, Herbert N.
Brehaney, John J.
Brown, James H.
Brown, John
Brown, Thomas
Brown, Steven H.
Burdick, John T.
Burk, Robert
Butler, Peter
Cahill, Patrick
Clark, Albert C.
Clark, Henry J.
Clark, Joseph
Clark, Charles
Coyle, Benjamin J.
Cullen, Frank H.
Craig, William J.
Crane, James F.
Cremer, Patrick J.
Cronnin, Michael F.
Dellahant, Michael F.
Donohoe, Henry
Doonan, Thomas
Duffy, Peter F.
Eagan, Michael J.
Fairman, Alfred D.
Fanning, Frank M.
Franklin, Everett
Gagnon, Philpp D.
Gallagher, James W.
Gearin, William
Gibson, Robert
Gleason, Michael
Goodinson, E. G.
Gotlieb, Adam
Howland, Clifford W.
Kellerher, Patrick F.
King, Patrick
Knowles, Herbert C.
Lampear, George B. M.
Landy, Michael J.
Lannon, Francis J.
Lynch, Cornelius
Lynch, Thomas J.
Macreading, Frank
Macreading, Howard S.
Mathewson, Leveritt
McCarthy, Justin J.
McDonough, Charles E.
Maquire, Charles J.
Maloney, James H.
Maroney, Michael F.
Martin, John T.
Mawdsley, James
Marland, Joshua
McGovern, Patrick
McHugh, Thomas
McKenna, Peter
Mooney, William
Murphy, John H.
Nadeau, Joseph
Nomandin, Meddie
O’Brien, John
O’Connon, John W.
Palmer, Edward E.
Perrin, Adelbert H.
Powers, John E.
Powers, Patrick J.
Radloff, Charles D.
Sarfield, Patrick J.
Smith, Joseph O. A.
Smith, William
Scott, William H.
Sullivan, John H.
Towle, Truman
Viall, Frederick N.
Vinton, Michael
Walch, Henry M.
Webber, Harry L.
Welch, William J.
Whiteside, William H.
Wing, Frank R.
Worthington, William F.


The information is from a published Soldier’s Memorial, contributed by the Owner.

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