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The 1st Georgia Volunteer Infantry at Camp Poland

Contributed by Jeff Berry
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The following accounts of the 1st Georgia Volunteer Infantry in Camp Poland, Tennessee during the Spanish American War appeared in the Knoxville Journal and Tribune.

The Articles:

August 27, 1898:

Colonel Lawton and his officers are proud of the appearance and behavior of their men during evening dress parade. Well they may be, for they are certainly a fine lot of fellows and well drilled. The band furnishes the music for this ceremony, and does well. When the citizens of Knoxville realize what a splendid sight, the evening dress parade is they will no doubt attend in large numbers. Immediately following dress parade of the First Georgia regiment, the Thirty-first Michigan will hold their dress parade, thus giving visitors an opportunity of witnessing both regiments in formation.

Work has commenced on the new bath house at the camp of the First Georgia. The bath house will be large and commodious, built on the same principle as the one at Camp Bob Taylor. Water Pipes will run overhead and will form a shower bath, the water being forced out through slits filed in the pipes. This makes an excellent shower bath.


TheThe Journal and Tribune (Knoxville, TN), August 27, 1898 - Contributed by Jeff Berry

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