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A Roster of the 159th Indiana Volunteer Infantry

by  Patrick McSherry  
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Below is a roster of the 159th Indiana Volunteer Infantry, Company B. The unit was formed in Vigo County, Indiana. If you have additional company rosters to contribute, please contact us by clicking here.

The Roster:

Company B


Captain George W. Biegler
First Lieutenant James E. Thomas
Second Lieutenant Alvin W. Dudley

First Sergeant William H. Hoff
Q. M. Sergeant Charles Cochran
Bruce Wilson
Carl Leasure
Albert Catlin
 Harry O. Welch


Robert O. Graves
William S. Cooper
Louis Roth
Gilbert Logan
Chrles Buckingham
Harry O. Boggs
Robert O. Meadows
Robert L. Hayman
Noah W. Clark
Franklin S. Eaton
 Otto Nattkemper
Royal R. Dempsey


 Frank Roberts


Chester A. Shearer (transferred to 161st Ind. Vols.)
Charles C. Gosnold


Homer Smock

William Bacon
Charles Kiefner
Herbert Augustine
Rallie K. Moss
Chauncey P. Moore
Grant I. Rawson
Thomas R. Harrow
Charles Burk
Homer Hays
William C. Retz
Frank Brown
Charles H. Pearson
Claude I. Herbert
James F. Dempsey
Oscar Leck (Transferred to Hospital Corps)
Earl Lowish
Ed Bailey
George W. Morrison
William D. Philipps
Henry W. Haas
Harry C. Cheek
Charles R. Vice
Charles F. Pegg
James O'Mara
Ernest L. Renner
Leo Secrist
Frank C. Wittman
Albert L. Hebb
Charles C. Whitlock
Arthur Buckingham
Edward A. Tully
Ed Buckingham
Robert Cox Schell
Charles Archer
Ed Baldridge (Transferred to Hospital Corps)
Frank Dawson
Robert Hawkins
Samuel T. Farmer
Thomas L. Steenson
Oliver Russel
John Roesch
Charles K. Thompson
Charles Coole
Walter B. Lyon
Burton E. Clark
Con B. Wooderson
Sidney H. Davis
Henry Louis
Orrin G. Rawson
Fred Mand
William Bayless
Claude McGahan (Co. Cook) (Transferred to 161st Ind. Vols.)
Arthur Kloer
Morten S. Stahlnaker
Burton E. Burgan (Transferred to 161st Ind. Vols.)
Fred O. Collins
Louis E. Strauss
Raymond C. Davis
James W. Shaw, Jr.
Docus Kniptasch
Henry P. Heckelsburg
Ed D. Plum
Alga Handa
Fred P. Nowling
Alvah C. Catlin
Charles M. Strode
Ellis O. Monday
Oliver Lockman
Arthur Mays
Morgan Preston
William I. Willis
Benjamin Wimer
Cecil M. Trueblood
Elmore H. Hawkins
Percy G. Cline
William H. Cline
Willie Van Ulzen
Harold C. Bays (Transferred to 161st Ind. Vols.)
Charles B. Caton (Died Ft. Meyer Hosp. June 15, 1898)
Harry L. Carpenter (Honorably discharged Aug. 12, 1898)
Charles Cleming (Missing)
Joshua T. Crandall (Honorably discharged July 12, 1898)
Charles W. Duerson (Transferred to Hospital Corps)
John Graves (Honorably discharged July 28, 1898)
William N. Jiencke (Transferred to Hospital Corps)
Charles L. Kiefner
Charles Lowe (Transferred to Hospital Corps)
George McCullan (Missing)
Clarence Owens
James Robinson
Sherman Stultz (Died Ft. Meyer Hosp. Aug. 28, 1898)
Silas H. Vail (Transferred to Hospital Corps)
Guy W. Wilkinson (Transferred to Hospital Corps)


“Our Gallant Soldiers” broadside including the roster and a photo of this Vigo County unit, dated 1898, by Walter Fitch.

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