Roster of 12th Minnesota Volunteer Infantry

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This doucment is a working document, and is presently only a partial roster of the regiment. If you have rosters of additional companies of the regiment not yet list, please submit the information to us. See our submissions page.

COMPANY E (Partial Listing - Winona, Wisconsin):


Michalaowski, Jacob - 1st Lieutenant
Bruski, Leonard J. - 2nd Lieutenant


Czaplewski, Joseph
Kosssschel, Gustav


Beske, Felix
Grups, John
Rick, August J.

Musicians: Eichendorf, Reinhold

Artificer: Bernac, John

Wagoner: Grulkowski, Paul


Blank, John
Dulas, Mike
Franks, G. W.
Fromen, John P.
Gallas, Anton
Grajczyk, Joseph
Gromowski, Joseph
Guenther, Joseph
Keen, John
Kern, George
Maliszewski, Frank
Morrison, G. L.
Rackow, Harry
Reszka, Leo J.
Schreiber, Frank
Springel, Matt
Stafanski, Mike
Staka, Joseph
Strelow, Herman
Szablewski, Mike
Szarmach, Frank
Wiezorek, John
Zabrocki, Anton J.


Springer, Frank - Roster of Company E.

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