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A Brief History of the 10th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

By Patrick McSherry
10th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, Co. K
The 10th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, Company K.  One member has been identified. Private John O'Rourke is the second row from the top, fifth from the left. (Photo enhancements by Dennis Murphy)
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The 10th Ohio Volunteer Infantry served it term of service stateside during the Spanish American War.

The Unit History:

The 10th Ohio Volunteer Infantry was mustered into service between July first and seventh, 1898 at Columbus, Ohio, while the battles of San Juan Heights, El Caney, and the naval battle of Santiago were all occuring in Cuba. At the time, the unit had 42 officers and 1,280 men. By late July, many of the southern training camps were being closed because the cramped conditions and poor sanitation had brought on outbreaks of many diseases. The new camp at Middletown, Pennsylvania, known as Camp Meade, was one of the many camps that had been opened to alleviate the conditions down south, and some of the units in the southern camps were shifted to this new camp . The 10th Ohio, however, was sent to this camp directly from Columbus, Ohio, arriving on August 20, after a two day trip. Here, the unit was assigned to First Brigade, Third Division of the Second Army Corps.

The fighting had actually ended on August 12, before the 10th left Ohio, with the signing of an armistice between the U.S. and Spain.

On November 12, the unit was sent to Camp Mackenzie, near Augusta, Georgia, arriving two days later. The war officially ended on December 10 with the signing of the Treaty of Paris while the unit was still at Camp Mackenzie. In fact, the unit would spend the remainder of its term of service at this camp, being mustered out of service on March 23, 1899 at Augusta. By the time of its muster out, the unit had been increased in size to include 46 officers and 1,283 men.

During its term of service, the unit had 21 men die of disease, two die as the result of accidents, two men court-martialed and 28 men desert. In addition, 31 men were discharged on disability.

Banner from the 10th Ohio Volunteer Infantry


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