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The Spanish Navy

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Naval Actions

The Battle of Manila Bay (Cavite) ||| The Battle of Santiago

The Spanish American War in Egyptian Waters

The Use of Mines by the Spanish Navy

Admiral Cervera's Comparison of the Spanish and American Navies 

Ship Profiles

Alfonso XII ||| Alfonso XIII ||| Almirante Oquendo ||| Alvarado

Antonio Lopez (armored tug) ||| Antonio Lopez (transport) ||| Callao

Carlos V ||| Castilla ||| Cristobal Colon |||  Don Antonio de Ulloa

Don Juan de Austria  ||| Elcano ||| Furor /Pluton Terror

General Alava (transport) ||| Hernan Cortez  ||| Infanta Maria Teresa

Isla de Cuba ||| Isla de Luzon ||| Isla de Mindanao ||| Leyte

Marques Del Duero ||| Meteoro ||| Patriota ||| Pelayo ||| Pizarro

Puigcerda (monitor) ||| Quiros ||| Rapido ||| Reina Cristina

Reina Mercedes ||| Sandoval ||| Vasco Nunez de Balboa ||| Villalobos ||| Vizcaya

Spanish 2nd Class Gunboats ||| Spanish 3rd Class Gunboats

Spanish Hydrographic Vessels ||| Spanish Auxiliary Gunboats

Spanish Torpedo Boats, 1st Class ||| Spanish Torpedo Boats, 2nd Class

Spanish Wooden Cruisers ||| Spanish Training ships

Ship Illustrations

Ships of the Spanish Navy (1) ||| Ships of the Spanish Navy (2)

Ships of the Spanish Navy (3) ||| Lepanto (in drydock)
Flags used by the Spanish Navy and Maritime Forces

Spanish Vessels Captured by the United States Navy and Sold as Prizes

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